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Friday, September 22, 2006

Decisions, decisions

The sun's back out in Portland for the first weekend of fall. Lots of activities to choose from. You got your Polish Festival. You got your Pirate Festival. You got your AIDS Walk. There are all those farmers' markets still going. And of course the Saturday Market. Who knows what all else? So get out there!

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And the weather may cooperate! See you at the Polish Festival.

You bee-phobic sorts, better eat inside the church hall. I suspect that the yellowjackets will be a-swarmin'.

There's the Edelweiss Oktoberfest at Oaks Park. Edelweiss is this wonderful German Deli in Brooklyn. PROST!

Hmmmm... I love me some Edelweiss.

Yeah...I get to scrape my house. Fun.

Gotta try and get it painted before our upcoming six months of rain.

And the weather may cooperate! See you at the Polish Festival.

Which day are people going? I'm hitting Saturday because I don't think I'll want to do much of anything after AIDSWalk on Sunday.

Hit the Polish Festival for lunch, and Octoberfest for dinner. Nasty rumor floating around Oaks Park that the Germans were going to seize MAX and invade the Polish Festival tomorrow for old time's sake...

One disappointment, though...I never left my grandma's house in Jersey City without coming home with a big box of "cris chicky," fried pieces of dough drowned in powdered sugar. Bought some at a previous Polish Festival, but didn't see any this year. Not even sure what to CALL it, just sorta sounds like "cris chicky?" Anyone got a recipe so I can make some myself?

Frank, I know it well, but dont remember the correct spelling. was just looking for the receipe myself...if anyone comes accross it, please drop me an email? my daughter is going to take some into school for her report on poland... Thanks so much...Lisa

Ok Frank, its Chruschiki


there is the link for the recipe....yay!!!

Enjoy...and btw, Im North Jersey as well..:D 5 min from Jersey City.

Thank you, thank you!

Very cool...

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