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Monday, September 11, 2006


Bruce Springsteen

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My only hope is that Osama Bin Laden is sweating it out in a cave somewhere, devoid of any physical comforts, and sleeping with one eye open.

And when we find him, I hope we take him alive. We need to be able to demonstrate that he is just a man, not a devil or a god. If he dies at the hands of Americans, his martydom will be complete.

On the other hand, Stalin, Mao and Hitler, who together were responsible for some 150 million dead bodies (http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/20TH.HTM), were not revered or sainted in dead. And, it would save the world a Saddam-esque trial.

Happy Day 1820 of Sweet Freedom to mass murderer (and Saudi millionaire) Osama Bin Laden!

I hear W is having cake and punch with Deadeye Dick in the Oval Office to celebrate NOT capturing the World's Most Wanted Man, despite five long, hard years of work, 100,000 live US troops, 2800 dead ones, 28,000 wounded ones (where's my arm? face? leg?) and a cost of, wait for it, $100,000,000,000.

And counting.

Had enough?

Wait. Christopher Hitchens says Osama doesn't matter. And so I guess the failure to capture him is o.k. We're behaving like a truly great nation now.

Washington Post: Bush gave up the hunt because he was shifting to Iraq

And Chimpy had the GALL use his supposedly non-political 9/11 speech to talk about Iraq, stump for the GOP, and do a little ill-informed back-patting. Traitor.

If you can stomach it, watch a video of Cheney's appearance yesterday on Meet the Press. Take notes. Note number of bald-faced lies, misrepresentations, or outright question avoidances. Thanks for the trial fodder, Dick!

Condi just stated that in fact Iraq and Al Qaeda DO have documented ties... Oh, they're masters of mixed messages, conflation of issues and conflicts... they talk out of both sides of their mouths! Maybe they're not 'masters' of PR, maybe the media makes it easier for that shit to pass as conventional wisdom.

America is outraged, but you wouldn't know it from the "Nothing-to-see-here--everything-is-fine" GOP pundits who rule our news airwaves. Now ABC sees fit to propagandize for Bush in a Fakeumentary. What about the drastic rise in federal spending for PR/propaganda/journalist 'seed' money/pork barrel media buys and consultants? They have to sell the debt, the federal pork explosion, invasions and unabashed corporatism somehow, don't they? Welcome to fascism, folks. Look it up...

Can't wait for November, can you?

When they win again...

Hopefully not by stealing it again...

Make it "Day 1821" of Freedom for the Most Wanted Man In The Entire World.

And ol' W says he doesn't think about Osama nor care where he is or what he does.


He's hiding in Pakistan, our "strongest" ally in the region, Georgie Boy.

The GOP is afraid of little bitty Pakistan?

You betcha.

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