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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

An eye for an eye

Down in Lane County, married couples have established an eminently sensible code of behavior: You shoot my chicken, I shoot you.

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Thanks for the heads up. I printed the article out for my dearly beloved, and told him he was now 'on notice'.

He has promised to stick with throwing rocks at my menagerie and leaving the guns alone. ;>

i think it's a homegrown solution that works. a little bit "eye for an eye," a little bit "survival of the fittest." everybody wins here except the chicken. although, under the circumstances, the chicken is probably better off in heaven.

Dang then Yoo-gene libruls. If they'd've followed the example set by our president, God bless 'im, she'd've shot him before he shot the chicken.

Chickens suffer when their owners hate each other.

Which comes first?...an eye for an eye...or a bullet for a pullet?

Before she shot her husband, she sprayed a fine mist of olive oil on him.

Maybe she found him choking the chicken.

This incident is eerily reminiscent of the classic Eric Clapton song "I Shot the Chicken."

....'til the juices run clear.

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