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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Show the love

A reader with a friend in Portland's Lair Hill neighborhood writes:

My coworker, over whose house the tram car will glide, is trying to figure out how to profit off the bad deal.

Lemonade....you know.

How about rooftop advertising?

If I still lived down there, I would see if I could sell ads. I'm sure there's some ordinance or another against it, but maybe not, if you couldn't see it from street level.

But first, I'd join with my neighbors and exercise our free speech rights on all of our roofs. On the north side of Gibbs Street, it would take just the four houses west of Water, and the three just east, to send the operators of the aerial tram [rim shot] the message they so richly deserve.

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Profit? Well If i lived under the tram. When the first celebratory tram came down the cable, full of dignitaries, reporters etc. I would make sure I had one wild naked party going on in the PRIVACY of my backyard. With a couple of lawyer friends invited in case concerned parties came knocking at my door later on.

Then let it be known these are regualar events during warm weather. It could raise some interesting legal questions.

we have an office building on Gibbs. The tram will have a great view of the roof and i will wave from my office. we are looking for medical malpractice lawyers who want to rent space on the roof for advertising. We cannot think of a better location. it will fit quite nicely next to the OSHU SUCKS sign.

I would go with something like "Remember Ken Ackerman."

I can't wait to see the "mean messages" our past CTLH Neighborhood Assn. president, Dawn Thompson and her husband will place on their roof on Gibbs. They have been through hell with all the sewer breaks, tower construction, utility relocations, etc. due to the tram; besides having access to their home being restricted for most of the time. That is progress.

Why not have a natural gas BBQ grill installed, upon which you could "smoke meat" for months at a time.

Smoke rises.

Wasnt there some comment about this a while back? First they said riders wouldnt be able to see down because the tram cars will have opaque glass, then they said it was for tourists, etc, etc...

Here in Colorado, there is a house near Aspen that was in the middle of a nasty divorce. The husband got the house, the wife got everything else. So the husband painted the roof, which faces the highway leading into Apsen, in the form of a very large one finger salute to his ex-wife, who drove that road to work every day. Not that I'm suggesting anything..........

Perhaps some could join the National Aviary Association and display flags that "wave the bird.'

So do the property owners who will have the tram passing over receive payment for the diminished value of their real estate?

How about an "Osama Free Day _____" clock on the roof?

However, with the GOP in control of the hunt, you may need a very very wide roof for when the number hits, like a million.

Actually, there was a lawsuit related to this. In Oregon, as landowner you technically own the property all the way out to the middle of the street. The public has a right of way over it, but it's not clear that the public's right extends to running an aerial tram. The lawsuit was dismissed as premature, but it won't be premature for long. Add more millions onto the price tag. What a waste.

hmmm...based on the whole "Floor or Area" ratio thing with selling the "undeveloped air" above you to someone else (the FAR transfers downtown), I think the residents under the tram [rimshot] should be able to file a Measure 37 claim for diminished value of their airspace...

sorry, should read "Floor To Area"


would you start the clock during the Clinton administration?

"Ski Pill Hill but
if you spill
they don't have to
pay the bill."

Don't be so critical RickyRagg...

Usama Bin Laden wasn't dangerous until AFTER September 11th. Besides, he's just a CIA stooge...Everybody knows that: Google it (or ask Cynthia to send you the links)...

I'm surprised how conventional the Tram Cars look in the photo. Not nearly as bubble like as the artists renderings, and much more square looking.

Maybe we can have another design competition?

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