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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Got to find me a place in the sun

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And the Cubs will win the World Series before she returns our money.

I swear I saw her at the Oakland airport Friday evening, waiting for the flight to Portland.

Instead of the "fabulous confines" she needs to be in the "non-fabulous" confines of a penitentiary.

The first phrase that came to my mind when I saw this was "lovable losers."

Then there's that other phrase for the Cubs winning it all, and us getting repaid: The eternal chant of "Just Wait 'Til Next Year."

The only apparent solution is to see to it that Mr. Blackmer personally eats the cost of Ms. B's vacation, and for Sten's campaign too.

What then?

Will Mr. B's face grace these pages for having gamed the electoral system, and for getting caught, and tossed? The potential for harm once someone is outed from the clan is certainly less than while they are in a position of trust, within.

One structural flaw in the scheme was giving the Auditor the power to lash out so as to save his own skin for releasing money. It is like elementary accounting accountability where the accountant should not also write the checks.

Who wrote the check? And where does the buck stop?

Would Mr. Blackmer put up a big bold sign saying "The Buck Stops Here?"

Jack Dude... I'm having trouble holding down the Hooters buffalo wings... Ipecac syrup should only be administered by an EMT, RN, or licensed physician. Enough of this. Fortunately, I don't like the Cubs (go A's), but they had a hard enough season as it is.

Ron L, is so correct. Should have never happened. She never should have been co-endorsed by the Multnomah Dems along with Sten, either.

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