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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You love him and I don't blame you

Reminder: Curtis Salgado benefit show tonight. Taj Mahal, Robert Cray, Steve Miller, Little Charlie & the Nightcats, some band named "Everclear," more. Very serious illness. No insurance. Walking iPod loaded with the choicest blues and R&B. Rose Garden Theater of the Clouds, 7:30. See you there.

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Curtis was one of the first musicians I went to see in a bar the summer I turned 21 (1987). It was a week night in August at the now defunct Dandelion Pub in the Uptown Shiopping Center in NW just a few days before I left town to return to college. I was by far the youngest person in this crowded, tiny pub. I had just seen Curtis at the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival a couple of weeks previous where, in an afternoon set, he completely blew me away.

It was an eye-opener for skinny young kid to see all these "grown-ups" out late on a "school night" gettin' down and funky on a dance floor that was really just a miniscule area cleared of two or three of the regular tables. I had a blast dancing with women a couple of decades senior to me.

Curtis was awesome. He had the crowd eating out his hand. His harmonica work was awe-inspiring. I still remember my favorite song of the evening, Bluebird (I think that is the title of the song).

Thanks Jack. I had forgotten about the benefit show tonight. I may just have to mosey on over to the Rose Garden.

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