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Saturday, June 3, 2006

"We'll miss you Whac-A-Mole"

It's a sad day on Staten Island.

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Growing up in Bethpage, Long Island, we had Nunley's Happyland. An awesome carousel where you really got to reach for the golden ring...which, if you got it, got you another go-round. Ancient games, a booth where you record yourself singing on a plastic 45. Skillbowl, and a baseball game with ceramic pitchers and batters; or move a bunch of sand around with a bulldozer behind the glass for a nickle.

The cousins from Jersey always liked to visit 'cause we'd always end up there, within walking distance of my home. Next to St James Catholic Church where sometimes I'd pull a few coins from the collection plate to stop at Nunley's on the way home. (God and I talked about it during mass and worked it out.)

Gone now, replaced by a strip mall. Freedomland in Jersey now a distant memory. Palisades Park? At least we still have the song.

Why do we destroy places for kids?

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