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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Weekend update

"Travis John" won first prize.

The song and the story are here.

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Thanks for the link. What a powerful song. I attended this funeral and what hit me was how young he was. The stories and anecdotes had to be from high school on back because that was it. Just a few years before he was killed, he was literally a kid running around Portland. Even his mother looked impossibly young to be going through this. Sigh. To Steve and Kate, a heartfelt right on. And the twist where Travis's Mom stands in for them at their son's graduation while they're off playing the song? That's too much.

And he worked on the building of the studio.

Kate Power and Steve Einhorn are great musicians. "Travis John" conveys so well the heartbreak of losing a loved family member in war.

"Travis John" is on their album "Pearls", which has many great feel good and homey folk songs. I commend it to your readers. Please buy it from the Artichoke Music website, at www.artichokemusic.com.

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