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Friday, June 2, 2006

Taxpayers, take a ride

Preparations are already under way for ceremonies at the upcoming inaugural run of the OHSU Aerial Tram [rim shot]. Apparently the Pill Hill planners are working on a special tribute to those who made the tram possible, and are hoping that disgraced former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt will agree to participate in a low-key way. (Via Chris "Butterbean" Snethen.)

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Did you see that Washington County also gave away millions of dollars to the Bridgeport Village developer?


They get stuff like that done before breakfast here in the Rose City.

Bridgeport is cool. Our own little piece of Walnut Creek right here in the P-town 'burbs.

Except winter in Walnut Creek is more like summer in Oregon.

Bridgeport Village has plenty of parking and no panhandlers, but their rainy day trade must pale in comparison to Washington Square.


JACK: if they offer you a chance for one of the early test rides, tell them you're not getting on it without at least three commissioners. They wouldn't risk losing a liberal voting bloc, not without having a spare gondola on ice.

Speaking of spare gondola's. Did you hear that we don't need a "rescue gondola" (like was used on the Roosevelet Island Tram)...Why? Because the OHSU Tram will never break down! I have a link to that direct quote, which I will break out the first day the FLYING BUS gets stuck dangling in the air. I just hope there aren't any patients on board.

Would 3 commissioners on the tram at one time be a violation of the Open Meetings Law?

It probably will work out that the "life-cycle cost" figure for the tram will be presented at the tram's grand opening as the City Council rides up to OHSU. Nothing like being timely with a report that Commissioner Adams promised six months ago.

Council: Adams;"Opps.....Ah....the tram will cost the taxpayers $260 MILLION over a 20 year period?...my God!"

Potter; "How do we change the life-cycle costs downnward so we can sell it to the sheep after we've built it?"

Leonard; "How are we going to get around the fact that we don't have federal and state approval to have this rig fly over I-5 and Macadam and

Sten; "I'm mad as hell, there's no money for housing"

Saltzman;"I'm mad too, there's no money to pay for the $40M greenway improvements."

In Council unision; "Oh, well, this tram solves all the transportation problems for North Macadam...because we have no money for the estimated $300M for the proposed traffic solutions....now, let's start another urban renewal area."

Bill: if you can figure out how to get all five commissioners on the Tram at the same time (sans civilians), let me know.

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