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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nothing to shout about

Hey mon, Trinidad and Tobago played Sweden to a draw. 0-0.

They're going nuts in Port-of-Spain right now, over a game -- er, match -- in which neither team -- er, side -- scored a goal.

This "football" is a little crazy.

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But that was a *brilliant* match: tense and hard-fought and a real historic upset. Smallest nation ever to qualify for the World Cup, down a man, defeating a quality European team on European soil.

And #5 for Trinidad & Tobago, Brent Sancho, is a former member of our local squad, the Portland Timbers of the USL's Division One. He played like a monster, to boot!

Best match of the tournament so far!

The T&T defense was amazing. Their offense was definitely lacking, though they did get a couple of quality shots. Sweden, however, had two or three point blank opportunities in the second half and, IMHO, choked.

I'll bet tomorrow is a national holiday in little T&T.

By the way, Bojack, have you checked you blog email? I sent you an evite earlier this week. Let me know and I can resend it or send it to your lclark address.


That was an awesome game. Jack, man, think of it as a 90-minute goal-line stand by, say, the Lewis & Clark Pioneers against the Oregon Ducks. Something like that.

The Poland match was terrible—dullsville. Did you watch Argentina vs. Ivory Coast? That was a good-lookin' game.

That T&T vs. Sweden game should be required viewing for the "there can't be excitement without scoring" dunderheads. SO fun to watch.


I wouldn't necessarily say that Sweden choked: That Trinidadian keeper -- 37 years old, and a last-second substitution! -- was absolutely magical. He was stopping bullets.

I disagree drgogol, Allback shot bullets at the Goalie's chest. So the T&T goalie has realy good personal armor. Just a slight flick left or right twice by Allback would have been goals, IMHO.

The Argentian-Cote D'Ivoirie game was a much better back-and-forth attack game.

Now if I can get my work meeting scheduled for 10:30 am on Monday delayed at least until 11:30 am so that I can watch ALL of the US-Czech game....


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