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Thursday, June 1, 2006

It's that time

Already they're taping off spots along the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade route. And that parade isn't until a week from Saturday.

We've got Rose Festival weather going, that's for sure.

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Maybe it is starlight parade tape

No, the tape I saw tonight was over at NE Multnomah and MLK. That's not Starlight territory.

I always wonder what it will take to get the Festival back to its old glory. I think the "Bite" suffers from the same apathy. I could never understand why the "Bite of Portland" had a Budweiser-only beer tent. As a homebrewer and lover of Portland's ale options, I find this odd.

The first thing that needs to happen is to get the second-rate amusement park out of the picture. It's too expensive, and its reputation is that it's creepy. Fortunately no one has died down there lately.

How about showcasing all the things that make modern-day Portland great? Fitness, outdoorsy stuff, cycling, local beer, the written word, restaurants, great gardens, beautiful old neighborhoods, historic buildings, Western heritage, rich history, spectacular old parks, etc.? A festival-of-virgins beauty contest and a couple of parades out of the '50s just aren't cutting it any more.

If the Navy guys don't like the new version, they can skip us.

And decentralize it. Give the waterfront grass a rest and get the thing out into our many fine neighborhoods.

I have to agree

Wine, music, environmental consciousness...

Isn't taping off spaces on a public sidewalk against the law? It's either graffiti, or littering, or proof of a conspiracy to violate sit/lie.

Whoa, Bojack as civic booster? These are good ideas. Unfortunately the dinosaurs who run Rose Fest would have no idea what you were talking about.

the dinosaurs who run Rose Fest

One does get the feeling somewhere in town Paulie Walnuts and Father Jose are hammering out this year's deal on the Fun Center and the take on the "Dial A Sailor" program.

The Scum Center is in. Say goodbye to the grass in McCall Park. Is there anybody left at the Park Bureau who knows anything about repairing that turf?

Ah, yes... Rose Festival. Every year the Navy swims upstream to spawn.

We seem to always pick a young, healthy representative but never follow through on the sacrifice....even when we've a nearby volcano.

>> Is there anybody left at the Park Bureau who knows anything about repairing that turf?

Uh yeah. The city spends a bunch and has a whole crew of people who work hard to keep that grass alive down there...fertigation, specially chosen grass strain, sand base, botanist on staff...

I agree the fun center needs to go. Are they charging admission this year? It's lane to have to pay to enter your own park.

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