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Monday, June 19, 2006

I haven't lived there in 31 years

But you can't take some things outta ya:

You Are 70% New Jersey!

You are definitely Jersey. Well done, my friend. You are most likely from this great state, and you fit right in. Odds are, you love being Jersey!

How New Jersey Are You?

(Via Cousin Jimbo.)

Comments (14)

15% for me.

Even though I was born in New Brunswick, NJ, I've been in Oregon for 38 out of 39 years.

Yo! Ya done good.

According to this, I, a Tennessee girl, am 37% Jersey. This is due only the fact that I occasionaly escaped Memphis (during the 60's) in order to visit my Aunt Fran, who lived in the East Village in NYC, worked on Wall Street, and had a weekend trailer at Manasquan Beach (where I was fist introduced to skeeball)!!

Yo! Manasquan! Been there myself a few times. That was me wearing the Sea 'n' Ski.

Have you ever eaten taylor ham with cheese on a hard roll?

Whoever made up this quiz is NOT from New Jersey. "Taylor Ham" is known only as Pork Roll. And if you have not had pork roll, you are the unwashed.


Question 19 is unfair to Oregonians. I am not from Jersey, but it upped my score a notch.

(Question 19 is "do you know how to pump your own gas?")

0%. Didn't think it was possible to get 0% in one of these quizzes!

41%- respectable for an old Manhattan girl (and I don't know how to pump gas because we didn't learn to drive growing up in Manhattan) But doesn't everyone in the USofA live within 10 minutes of 3 freeways?

Proud or horrified...I'm having mix emotions..okay so Massachusettes is close to NJ..so I guess I can proudly show off my 62% score. I thought there would have been a question about identifying smells and road kill on 95.

Hmmm...it's blocked as a "sex site" on my company computer. Was this blog put together by the girls at the Bada Bing?

87% here. And proud!

I scored 37%, then took it again for a poyfect score:

You Are 0% New Jersey!  

You are definitely NOT New Jersey. In fact you are very far from it. You must not be from this state, or anywhere nearby. Why not stop by sometime and see what you're missing?

How New Jersey Are You?

69%...I don't know how Jack beat me by one point!

They should've asked about Freedomland and Palisades Park...

i am 31% New Jersey. I'm the first generation in my family born on the west coast. The ones who came before me were chased off the eastern seaboard by various and sundry law enforcement agencies. hehehe.

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