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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Father's Day gift

Introducing Lily:

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Wow, that's a fierce looking beast. For a second there, I thought a lion had escaped from the zoo.

Awwww, cute! I am reminded of "Nice Week"... Please post photos of her as she grows up. We can use her to calm people down when they're worked up.

My temporary birthday and father's day gift was a lab puppy. I say temporary because we're acting as a foster home until a better place can be found for the pooch (very sweet 3-month-old dog in a house where it wasn't going to work out; soon to go to a house with another dog and two dog lovers). Imagine my surprise when I found it on the couch when I came home from work on Tuesday.

What a lovely addition to your family! We recently lost our dog, Fletcher, a beautiful 2-yr-old Tervuran. He was Stevie's and my first puppy together after 11 years of marriage. (We had rescued other, older dogs.) I know how sad you were at the loss of your kitty, and it's nice to see that your family wanted to give you a new being to love.

Cats RULE, Jack! This one looks particularly well suited as a family cat.

I have a cute kitten video posted on my blog, well worth the watch for anyone who appreciates the entertainment value of our feline friends. ;-)

For what it's worth, YouTube.com makes it insanely easy to upload video and then put a viewable window directly into your website with just a single line of HTML code. I've shot tons of low-res videos of my dog using my digital camera (in video mode, obviously), and then posted them. It's a good way to get videos to friends, as all you have to do is email/post a link rather than requiring people to download an entire video.

This cat a couple of blocks down the street cracks me up. When I approach on the sidewalk the cat runs out and gives me the old, "Thank goodness, you're finally home! I guess you can let me in the house now." Every morning I have to give it the same speech, "Uh, I think we both know I don't live here." So keep an eye on this beast Lily. She looks like another cat con artist.

Congradulations on your new addition. She looks really sweet. She will never replace your beloved Gwally, but I am sure she will find her own special place in your family. Your little girls are at the right age to really bond with a cat. Don't be surprised if she has split loyalties.

Does look very sweet. How is the other cat taking it?

So best! She is j'adorable!

Wow, what a cutie...the very picture of contentment. What does Ralphie think?

What an adoroble kitten!! And a great name too!!


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