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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Derrick's new gig

Removed as Portland police chief for bad judgment and spreading rumors when he was a precinct commander, Derrick Foxworth's been reassigned -- to being a precinct commander!

And wait. It gets crazier. He's being appointed by Acting Chief Rosie Sizer to Sizer's immediately preceding post -- Southeast Precinct.

This story just gets weirder and weirder. And our local media just keep repeating what they're told about it. They must have allergies, because their sense of smell is extremely impaired.

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When is a "demotion" not a demotion? When you still receive the chief's $146K pension and are only a few years from retirement.


I have probably commented on this before, since it is one of the cuts on my broken record: I think local journalist's smelling problem could be associated with the fact that they like to be flattered and do not especially like to be challenged: last year I attended a City Club presentation on bias in the news media. Sandy Rowe was a panelist as was Bob Applegate of the Port. The subject of journalists asking tough questions came up. When Applegate said he thought he thought the locals had no problem asking them, a spontaneous flurry of applause errupted from one section of the room, reporters corner, no doubt. They love to be flattered and get so darned defensive when you try to help them learn and grow.

On a related subject, I think a reason it is so difficult to penetrate a good ole system is that the participants consider themselves to be genuinely nice people being nice to other nice people. I got some insight this past weekend when I attended my nephew's graduation ceremony at the U of O. The department furnished a catered brunch for the families. My dad, who normally hates the U of O football team (for good reason I understand), was so impressed with the effort that he commented that he should start rooting for them sometimes. I then started thinking about how easy it is for principles and critical thinking to get lost in all the nice gestures.

I thought that Renee Mitchel's article today was an interesting contrast to the Foxworth affair.

"The two black women were considered hardworking, well-spoken and well-liked by most of their co-workers. Their performance reviews proved they did their jobs well.

But someone assumed that because the two friends were on a break at the same time, they must be doing something wrong. So a supervisor later scolded the two women, who worked as city building code inspectors.

"You two were seen together," they were told. Washington's response: "What law was broken? Did someone see us jaywalking? Was there a citizen's complaint?"

None of the above. Still, the complaint warranted a policy directive: Check with your supervisor before you take a break or leave the office.

That rule led to two years of facilitated group meetings where other co-workers also complained. "Two black staff are friends outside of work, and they appear close and too cliquish," reads the facilitator's report.

Another directive was issued: Employees need a supervisor's permission to walk or ride with a co-worker. "

It would be interesting to know how much money and attorney time the city spent "policing" this relationship between friends, and how much money was expended on the Foxworth report to show it was an innocent affair between concenting adults.


I can only hope you're joking about the "Employees need a supervisor's permission to walk or ride with a co-worker." If not, then send a copy of the directive to Phil Stanford: he'll have a field day with it!

Mr. T.

Go read Renee Mitchels article on Oregonlive.com and forward it as you feel appropriate.

My mistake:

I just realized that it was in the Oregonian.


It's the first "Politically Correct Racism" I've ever seen. Or mabye "Liberal Facilitator Racism" is more fitting.

And the Sellwood Bridge is falling piece by piece into the river. And car thiefs no longer go to jail. And heroin addicts drop out of treatment for lack of $14 co-pays. But the TRAM tastes great (less filling). Unbelievable.

I hear the Honolulu P.D. has thrown out the welcome mat to former Police Chiefs from Portland, Oregon.

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