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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At the Copa

In our World Cup pool, three players have picked all of the first seven matches of "Stage 2" correctly.

And each of those players has Spain over France in the match that begins today at noon.

UPDATE, 1:51 p.m.: And they were all wrong. No perfect scores left in the pool.

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Yea, so for fun I had Ghana going all the way - I would so like to see some unknowns win the Cup some day, just for the sheer mania that would ensue - and suppose I'll have to drink alone on the 9th.

I stand by my 29 goal total, though, and will reward myself accordingly (that one extra IPA...)

Hmmm... I should have entered the poll. I know everyone has been down on " the Blues" this Cup, but so far France's play has been solid - if not inspiring. Too bad about Ghana - they were fun to watch - but Brazil's going to roll on for a bit - although their play has been kind of lackluster too (although I could not watch today's game, so maybe they "brought it").

This has been a fun Cup to watch. Thanks for the updates, Bojack, these daytime games don't mesh too well with my work schedule...

You missed wonderful coverage of today's match on ESPN. The announcers were so biased that they should have spoken French the whole way.

I'm kicking myself that I ignored my Rule No. 3 concerning World Cup Soccer:

Rule No. 3: Spain always chokes.

But, France has played so horribly the last two world cups and latest European Cup that I ignored Rule No. 3. I will never again ignore Rule No. 3.

Rule No. 2? The Netherlands always chokes. At least I listened to Rule No. 2.

Unfortunately, France needs to beat Brazil to keep me on track with the points. Arg!

My thought was that there are three perennial chokers: England, Spain, and Portugal. I figured Spain would beat the rap, and the other two wouldn't. Couldn't have been more wrong about it.

You are right Jack,

But England pays South American teams tough ever since the Hand of God. I really think the English hate S.A. football more than France, Italy, or Germany.

And Portugal was playing the bigger choke artist, which is why it was an ugly, ugly clash.

I almost had to create a New Rule: two choke artists cannot co-exist on the same pitch at the same time or both cease to exist. With the number of red and yellow cards, that was happening before my eyes. I was really hoping the Dutch would score so just the game would go into two overtimes, after which I expected the field to be down to 5 on 6 match.

Hey Jack,

Did you know that Zidane is retiring? Maybe? And that this could have been his last game?

Because if you didn't ESPN sure pounded it into your skull this match. Ugh the announcers were horrible. I wish I had Telemundo.

I didn't enter the pool but Germany's my pick to win. Too bad I'm gonna miss Germany v Argentina tomorrow, it should be awesome.

And just like that, Team TRP/Butterbean is right back in the thick of it.

Idiot announcers aside, THAT was a World Cup match...none of this Ukraine/Switzerland crap.

It was a good one, all right.

Damn, I tuned in too late to catch Brazil send Ghana packin. Any recommendations on a website replay address?? Thanks

You'll note I picked France over Brazil, after, bien sur, beating Espagna.

I predict a replay of France v Brazil...when France took the World Cup in the finals last time around.

I don't see ANYONE else here picking France to win. And, sorry Amanda...England, a very tired empire at best. Give a kick to the ball for the Queen or some such thing...

We shall see, Frank. I was amazed England beat Ecuador in 90 degree heat. When the thermometer hit 70 when I was growing up, that was officially "hot". I was pleased the way the players kept moving during that game, and Beckham's goal was a classic that by itself deserved the win.

Travis, the English fans don't hate all South American teams more than France, Germany, and Italy. Just Argentina. It's a war thing.

According to Michael Davis blogging for ESPN, the quarter finals feature every winner of the Cup since 1956. THIS is football, folks. What a great game. Except for Switzerland/Ukraine, which is the dullest match I've seen in decades, and Netherlands/Portugal going down as the most vicious. Good for England, though - Portugal will be going into the quarters minus two of their best players, and playing with 5 men with yellow cards. Of course, that's just the type of situation England usually blows. So we shall see.

re the feelings against Argentina ( who WILL win the Cup) in England. My wife is Argentine and my son is currently living in London where he is hard pressed to find many who will give Argentina any credit. The resentment predates the Falklands/Malvina fiasco and goes back to 1966 when Argentina played England in a very rough match. Of course the "hand of God" Maradona bitof 1986 also played a part

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