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Monday, May 15, 2006

Weird characters in comments

I notice that some of my favorite commenters are getting weird characters in their posts on this blog. Apostrophes turn into â, for example. This is the result of my recently switching the character set of this blog to UTF-8 from whatever it was before, which I think was Western European (ISO).

I made the switch because some other features of this blog, on the sidebar for example, were getting those strange characters. Once I went UTF-8, the sidebar has looked swell on my browser. But now some comments have that haywire stuff in it, particularly around punctuation marks.

I suspect those of you whose comments are getting the odd characters are composing your comments in another program and then cutting and pasting them into my comments box. If so, you may be able to clean up the problem by not doing that.

I suspect there's also a way for you to eliminate the issue by changing the default encoding on your browser to UTF-8. But to tell you the truth, I don't know my UTF from my ASS, and so maybe a tech-minded reader can help us out here.

Ah, the mysteries of the internet...

Comments (3)

A good start on the subject can be found here.

Jack, I think you accidently added an extra word in your first sentence.... I'm sure that the word "getting" was unintentionally added? :-)

I just got nailed by the strange character problem. It appeared in my post BUT NOT IN THE PREVIEW.

I just previewed the post again and it was OK, but the apostrophe (‘)turned into strange characters. I cut and paste from WorePerfect, so that apostrophe is not a standard ASCII one, but the preview function is translating it correctly and the actual post is not.

This is problem with the blogging software to the extent that the final result does not match the preview.


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