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Thursday, May 4, 2006

We made a difference

It looks as though a dialogue on this blog may have actually resulted in a change in election procedures in Multnomah County. Check out the comment that county Elections Director John Kaufmann left on this post a little while ago.

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Amazing what we can do sometimes isn't it? We've made more work the the Elections division, but it should make for a better voting process/result.

I wonder what other states with a vote-by-mail system do...

What was it that Sten said about blogging? Something about criticism... ineffective, maybe? Hmmmm...

Exactly WHAT other states with vote by mail? Last I checked, there's still just the one.

(Absentee voting is entirely different - which is why Oregon's results come out at 8:05 a.m. while other states first count the poll votes and then absentees can take several days to count up.)

I think Kari meant Oregon's tallies are reported soon after polling ends, around 8:00 pm.

However, him here helping shape and craft the communication webwork for political power to come forward in clear expression of force, this is the point I emphasize.

This internet socialization, chatter, IMing, flash mobbing, communication bandwidth with each other, talking among ourselves is going to improve more ballots and stop more trams [run not], for instance. This internet can indict the fascist turn, of civil and elected leaders and in establishment mass media, and build and be the growing replacement for their removal.

"...dialogue on this blog ... left on this post a little while ago," as Jack puts it, (a litmus of new thinking is its own vocabulary - e.g., blog, post, perhaps like maiden mass media's selfsaid meanings for advert, editorial, news, etc.), dialogue, peaceably to assemble, the voice here of the community of the whole, (Kari's restrictive environs notwithstanding), IS the enactment of redress right and the process of petition, and HAS the enforcement of removal. The civil voting bloc is us is power. ...dialogue on this blog ....

My point is that blog talk looks blandly innocent in its lack of mass hype, yet it IS and CONSISTS OF the very gavel hammer of justice under which authentic government and civil authority rise and despostics fall.

See the blog. Feed the blog. Be the blog. I suppose release two-point-oh of USA most naturally is USB.

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