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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ra's latest drivel

Except for the latest to arrive from California, Portlanders of all stripes remember Rasheed Wallace, the sullen head case who led the decline of the Trail Blazer basketball team from worshipped heroes to despised louts. Now Wallace is on the Detroit Pistons, who are currently in the league playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers. When he was in Portland, old "Ra" never spoke to the press, but times have changed. The other night the new, talkative Wallace was mouthing off, guaranteeing that his team would win the next two games and thus clinch the series. Now, lo and behold, they have lost both those games and are facing elimination at the hands of the Cavs.

It's a beautiful moment. The Cavs are pretty much a one-man show, that one man being young phenom Lebron James. James is laying down such a monster brand of ball that some comparisons are being made with the greatest pro player of all time, who also wore no. 23. "We are all witnesses," says the Nike-money-fueled Lebron hype.

To heck with Lebron. The Rasheed aspect alone is enough to make one sit up and take interest in this one. Go Cavs.

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Can you imagine a potential finals of Cavs vs. THE CLIPPERS???

And, yes, it felt so very good to see 'Sheed eat his words.


You forgot to mention the Championship ring, and the fact he's helped his team to the finals twice, almost three times if it hadn't been for that god awful 4th quarter against the Lakers!

Go Pistons!

He's a jerk.

You can have him.

"...who LED the decline of the Trail Blazer basketball team from worshipped heroes to despised louts." [emphasis added]

Nah, I think J.R. Rider led that train to louts-ville. Besides, if you're looking at it relatively, 'Sheed was a saint compared to Bonzi.

CTC, baby, CTC!

portland needs to get over it.

Go Mavs!

I thought Detroit would have one bad game, but 3 in a row? Is Flip Saunders cursed?

Sheed's performance almost makes Mr Bog's fantasy guy, Ilgauskas, look like a star.

J.R. Rider led that train to louts-ville. Besides, if you're looking at it relatively, 'Sheed was a saint compared to Bonzi.

That whole group led me to despise basketball. I used to like it, but after all the childish crap league-wide, and total BS with the Blazers over the last few years, I just cant stomach it any more.
What happened to people with talent AND style? Like Clyde. Or Jordan? Oh, and lets not forget acting like a grown-up.

portland needs to get over it.

No, we need a team of grown-ups. Not overpaid jerks with the attitude of a pissed 3-yr-old who didnt get the cookie he wanted.

I disagree Jack that the Cavs are merely a one-man team. The Lakers were truly a one-man team the last two seasons. LeBron actually makes the players around him better, just certain other stars of the past.

The playoffs have been exceptionally entertaining this year.

Go Cavs, Go Clips, Go Mavs.


You hold a grudge better than my grandma, and that's saying something. She hasn't talked to one of her daughters for over 20 years because of some silly little dispute. You seriously need to get over your dislike for Rasheed. He is really a good guy who didn't fill the role the Blazers needed because he didn't have the team leader mentality. Not too mention, he has won the David Robinson Community Award twice this year. Moreover, if a player doesn't believe he will win the next game there is really no reason to play the game.

I agree with Hilsy. LeBron is the real deal and he's only 21 years old. Scottie Pippin went on record on ESPN last night and said that in his opinion, as a former Jordan teamate, that LeBron is better as a 21 year old than His Airness was at 23. Ditto to what Jack said about Sheed. He's an A-Hole, and I hope the Cav's close the deal in game 6.

One thing I liked about 'Sheed was that he actually lived in Portland in the off season. I think he was the only player on the team that did for awhile. Not even Damon lived here in the off-season. I have a hard time getting behind a home team that's really just visiting from Miami.

He's still a jerk, but at least he was our jerk.

I just love how everyone loves to hate on 'Sheed. The bitterness of Blazer fans following Detroit's success feeds my evil glee.

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