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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Official weekly newspaper of the status quo?

The Willamette Week endorsements are out, and they're going with Sten and Saltzman for Portland City Council.

Interesting to speculate about why. The editors over there clearly have it in for the downtown business crowd -- a downtown they've moved out of. So Burdick's out. Lister's a Republican, so that's that. But they positively gush over Opie, like Bus kids high on PBR. He's the visionary, it's the defining race of our time, yada yada yada. And four more years of Saltzman, the establishment's quiet functionary? Whatever.

I'm calling a little overboard on the treatment they give Amanda and Diane. They dish out quite the hard time -- so much so that someone might start to raise a little gender issue, perhaps? Hmmmm... Then there's this week's cover...

Anyway, between that and their enthusiasm for Warbucks Wheeler and Cogen (the Brains Behind Saltzman), the boys at the Double Dub sure look like they're content to stand pat with the current lineup around here. Puzzling. Maybe they're thinking about winning another Pulitzer for covering the upcoming municipal bankruptcy. Plus, Kulo vs. Saxto -- what is this, Kiss-and-Make-Up Month with the Goldschmidt crowd?

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You call out wweek for being too hard on Linn? Do you even read your own blog?

Compared to what they've done to her in this week's issue, I should send her a bill for making her look good.

Seriously, though, you're kinda intense. Even when WWeek agrees with you, you talk shit about their choices. Then you call them sexist, but oh wait, you phrased it in a way so that YOU weren't calling them sexist, you're just saying that SOMEONE might. That's a rad strategy you learned from FOX news or something?

What about the part where the endorse Linder largely /because/ she's a woman? Those damn man-haters down at wweek, geez.

Okay, that was couched in harsh terms to be funny, but anyway. I know you hate wweek, which is cool and all, lots of people do, but your criticisms seem a little biased.

Me? Biased? Give me a break. I actually count myself as more or less a friend of Willamette Week; I happen to disagree with this set of choices.

You, on the other hand, are a potty-mouth troll who is finished posting here.

Quoting their endorsement:

Sten has provided leadership both this year and three years ago to help solve funding crises at Portland Public Schools.

Some leadership, as the declining enrollments and closed schools will tell you.

When he saw that Enron and its local subsidiary PGE were ripping off ratepayers to the tune of about $100 million annually, he, unlike other public officials, actually tried to do something about it by pushing (unsuccessfully) for a public purchase of the utility.

Ok, yeah, he failed and cost the city millions in legal fees. But, gee guys, it was a good idea!

Is it because he oversaw the Water Bureau as it screwed up a new billing system, which cost the city nearly $30 million? Not really, because many of Sten's corporate critics have also bought computer systems that didn't work.

Excuse his faults because someone else bought a computer program that didn't work!


"Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one, and blogging means practically anyone can own one." Jay Rosen NYU.EDU

you ban the first person I've read aboput who disagrees with your postings 'caause he used the S- word!
It's your party but it seems mean-spirited to me!

"...many of Sten's corporate critics have also bought computer systems that didn't work."

Classic. The company I work for manages over 50,000 customers and $25M in yearly billing on a about $18K worth of hardware and software.

$30 mill for a failed system is outrageous.

Don B.: It's not just the s-word, although that's part of it. If you come in blasting with "you're" this and "you" that, you're attacking the host rather than his position. That gets you one foot out the door.

Emotions often run high during election season, but I don't remember local candidate races in this area evoking such.

That Sten endorsement doesn't just pick cherries, it picks withered wormy apples off the ground and sprays them red.


Parallel universe at least three million light years from home.

Not really, because many of Sten's corporate critics have also bought computer systems that didn't work.

I heard this bogus line from Xander Patterson too. Must be the result of a focus group. I asked him for an example in which the person(s) who made the decision are still employed at their corporation. He didn't have one.

WW is good ole light. Oftentimes I have preferred the Oregonian. But I think what the papers have in common is people is some managers who see their jobs as keeping our political machine oiled and running. The point about poor, poor mild and offended Michael Schrunk was just too, too much imho. Now he has to retaliate-over something that many long time observers must realize is an honest mistake. But then Schrunk is a kindred spirit, a brotherman in service to the machine. The program isn't going to change until all of us get more cynical about it.

I'm just curious why this comment didn't pass the WW 'Subject to Approval' test (and Mark Zusman hasn't returned my email):

House District 44

Pronunciation: 'chäps
slang : jaws
slang : skill
slang : expertise
See: Robison, Jim www.jimrobison.org

having just come from jim robision's campaign digs, i have to say the man has my vote. having never even seen mark k. and thinking that tina k. moved into the area imho too late to qualify, it was refreshing to see a candidate who was as involved in the issues and heading out on his own two feet to do his own canvassing. campaign materials in hand the man is out there pressing the flesh and talking to people. if that doesn't earn your "chops" in this campaign i sure don't know what does.

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