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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey

Congratulations to the Phoenix Suns, who blew out the Los Angeles Kobe this evening in the seventh and final game of their pro basketball playoff series. The L.A. team had previously been known as the Lakers, but recently the league's official media outlets decided that Kobe Bryant (acquitted on all charges) was really the only player who mattered on either team in the series. Kobe this, Kobe that, Kobe highlights at every commercial break. Had the L.A. squad won this game, the entire league would have been renamed the National Kobe Association. Thank you, Steve Nash & Co., for starting the long process of weaning the league from the Kobe boob.

The Kobe's loss was particularly galling for L.A. coach Phil Jackson (right), who previously had never lost a first round playoff series and never lost a series that his "team" led 3 games to 1. Now the once-lowly L.A. Clippers advance to the second round, and the Lakers are playing golf. Exit Jack Nicholson, enter Billy Crystal.

Kobe, Kobe, it's May 6 and you're done. Give Darius and Zach a call. You guys can go cluuubbin' together.

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Give credit to Phil for being able to "coach" Kobe: Just give him the ball.

Here we have a team that needs a leader, and there's a team that's tired of Kobe. I propose a wholesale swap, roster for roster. They keep Kobe, and we keep anyone but Zach and Darius.

Best. Sports post. Ever

I was born in 77, been a Blazer fan ever since, and as is my brithright, I hate the Lakers. I'm still recovering from the 2000 losss.... ...today was a wonderful day. Thanks for excellent post, Jack.

Thats a terrible pic you posted on there, whats up with that?

The once-lowly L.A. Clippers? Yeah, only since the dawn of time.
I really got into the first round, especially Cleveland against Washington and Miami-Chicago. Did you see Dwayne Wade yelling at Gary Payton? Hilarious. How about those great young Suns players Leandro Barbosa and Boris Diaw? Way to show up big, in a big game. Now San Antonio plays Dallas. That could be profound. From the looks of that picture, Phil Jackson must have forgotten the secret ingredients for a winning basketball team.

Yes! At last, the great Portland unifier: DEATH TO LA! This is awesome, and may actually succeed in making me care about the NBA for a few weeks.

Kobe? What the Blazers really need is a player like Steve Nash.

it was not the lakers that played last night. it was the washington generals disguised as la's team.

the clippers will try to be la's team. but sam cassell is too ugly to be an idol. maybe an american idol. make that ugly american idol.

Haha! Blazers fans are so lame that they can only celebrate when other teams beat the Lakers now.

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