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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Meet me at the wrecking ball

If you're interested in seeing the condo towers that are going to run Saturday Market out of its home for the last 30 years and turn Old Town into Pearl District III, hurry on down to the Potter Destruction Commission offices next Tuesday for this.

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Maybe if the Saturday Market artisans each had more than $14,000 in business related equipment....

I was down at Saturday Market over the weekend and I didn't see anything I could possibly use. I want to support these local artisans but I really don't need paintings of wolves or anything made of clay. Still, it's nice to know they're down there if I ever get a hankering for some incense.

If the condo towers must go up, here's hoping they land a permanent, indoor market space similar to Pike Street up in Seattle.

Oh, man, Brandon, you're playing with fire in this crowd. Someone will brand you a Nazi yuppie elitist before you know it.


Buy some soap, get clean.

I wear Birkenstocks, drive an old van and could never afford to buy property anywhere near the Pearl, let alone within city limits. Doesn't this give me a free pass to turn my nose up at all the wolf paintings (which, for the record, I can't afford either)?

As for soap, who needs it? Bring on the patchouli!

You obviously haven't followed the prevailing sentiments re: the public market in these forums. Probably too busy drinking that microbrew beer!


I can't believe you played "the Birkenstock Card". LOL

If huge condo's go up in Old Town - where might the large homeless population in that area go? I guess they could stay but that seems unlikely given the yipsters who will inhabit the condos.

Old Town has about a dozen homeless shelters and soup kitchens, in case you didn't already know. Good area for panhandling, I hear.

Regardless, the Saturday Market and the merchants should be fine. They will find a new spot, maybe out in N. Portland on the Max, or inner SE someplace when we get the Max out there.

Hey, I thought I was the Nazi Yuppie Elite Brander. I once knew a lawyer who had a wolf painting in her office as a nod to some who had branded her a "lone wolf". Trouble is, there is a large pack of "lone wolves" questioning what is going on in Portland, so the isolating tactics aren't working as well as hoped. And a growing market for those paintings.

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