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Monday, May 29, 2006

Dark night of desperation

Must... get a grip...

I know, I know... the elections are over... way over... and how I ache for a fresh start... so you'd think it would come easy... tonight being recycling night and all... the yellow bin is right there... it would be so simple... but God help me... for the life of me... I just... can't... bring myself... to throw this one away...

It's got me in its sick grasp... can't eat... can't sleep... can't... take my eyes off it... Get thee gone, Satan!

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I never received that one - is that a real piece? Best ever.

Real... too real...

I got that one after the election, too. Possible primer for her next run at office? If only she had some law enforcement experience we could have Linn vs. Bernie in a few years... what a treat.

What jumped out at me was: Is Di into S&M?

Ropes & all that.

I was on her email list, but I guess I didn't rate well enough to get that ad(?) But Ted got my email address from his FOIA and used it to spam me. It's too bad no one else suitable ran.

I got one. What I wondered is whose mind it emanated from. You've got to admit that, as campaign literature goes, it's unique if nothing else.

That belongs in MOMA.

The Rope of Revelation is a mountaineering tool. As you know, Ted climbs mountains and tried to use a mountain climbing analogy to his advantage. I think the ad is a masterwork; it causes me to imagine Di starting a non-profit with the mission of rounding up all of the pretenders in these parts.

Look's as if Wheeler's Twine of Twuth was more powerful than the Rope of Revelation.

Ted's Twisted Twine.

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