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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Breaking news: Bird flu outbreak suspected at Vancouver trailer park

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Wow -- That is awful news. More so because I really dig those pink yard flamingos. Guess it is the trailer park deep down in me.

If this virus crosses the avian-human boundary, the next outbreak will be in the Pearl, where the plastic people live.

Oh, this is terrible. This is the, one of the worst catastrophes in the world! Oh, my Jesus! …Oh the Flamingonity!

Are sure this isn't more footage from Diane Linn's house?

Why does this make me think of Les Nessman and Thanksgiving?

Why does this make me yearn for the Divine?


Geez. I hope it doesn't spread from the plastic variety to the light-up-wire species. My lawn would look bare:

Check out the exhibit called "The Adventures of Pinky Lee" at the Reed (3203 SE Woodstock) Paradox Cafe. It features a series of B/W photographs of a pink lawn flamingo leaving its suburban home to explore parts of Portland.

How is this going to affect a Miami Vice reunion movie? The horror......

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