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Friday, April 28, 2006

Still grouchy, but funnier than I remembered

Leave it to the blogosphere to provide a laugh when it's most needed. I was messing around last night after a tough day, and I decided to pay a visit to a site I used to link to, Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta. After the Bush-Kerry debacle, I removed Denny from my blogroll, because I decided the tighty righties didn't need my help getting their misguided word out.

But lately the G.O.C. is runnning some truly funny cartoons (mostly about gas prices) and jokes. Like this, for example, on Easter. I had to laugh. Just be careful what you click on over there, because a few of his links are to not-work-safe, horrible photos of women with their bare breasts showing.

But if you are not offended by male chauvinism and extreme political incorrectness, and if you need some yuks, go.

Comments (5)

You shouldn'a put in the part about the b*re bre*sts. The site is so busy now I can't access it. :)

My company's system blocks it...says its "porn".
of course, for a time, this site was blocked for the same thing...

Yes those are some horrible photos alright:)

Actually, in his case, sometimes it is porn...

"for a time, this site was blocked for the same thing..."

Not surprising considering the typo on the "Not Too Swift" entry. :-)

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