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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spoof of the day

People in Portland have a heckuva sense of humor. Here's one out of today's Trib:

Kosydar says the reason he dropped the idea is that he'd viewed candidate Emilie Boyles as Sten's main threat; now that she's been battered by negative headlines, Kosydar says Sten no longer needs help.

Kosydar says he's never met Sten but calls him "probably the greatest visionary in Portland since Neil Goldschmidt."

Knock it off, man. You're killin' me.

Comments (8)

Makes me yearn for the days of Connie McCready.

Ugh... Now that's really sleeping with the managing editor of the local monopoly daily newspaper. Which is exactly why I supported that old war-horse Ivancie.

Ugh... Frank Ivancie? You want "old war-horse", Mildred Schwab took the title lock, stock and barrel.

You'd be unpleasantly surprised about how many people are riding the Sten bandwagon-people who won't be distracted from supporting him no matter what he does. Imho,this place is so full of jerks; one almost has to become a jerk to survive.

Now, now, no jerk talk.

At least I had a parachute when I jumped. Ok instead of the word j***, how about the word idiots.

Sorry. I mean dysfunctional. And that you can't accomplish much here by playing straight and being humble.

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