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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quotation of the Month

From Snethen:

GWB has no more interest in finding any sort of shenanigans with the oil companies than I do in finding out how many calories are in the Mandarin Chicken at Safeway.

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Yeah... This whole oil price increase and then having Dumbya charge in and promise he's going to do something about it.

Does that look contrived, or what?

This is classic retailing techniques. If it doesn't move, mark the price up. If it still doesn't move, mark the price up some more. If it still doesn't move, mark the price up even a bit more. If it still doesn't move have a half-off sale that takes the price down to just above the original price. BIG SALE!

Bah humbug!

Be sure to watch last nights episode of the Daily Show at 8pm tonight. They had a great clip of Bush speaking about alternative energy resources to what I imagine was a group of scientists and engineers. He was explaining the need for alternative fuels for autos instead of oil...I mean gas, which is made from oil.

What a dweeb.

Let'e be honest here, there are no calories in Mandorin Chicken. In fact, the Mandorin eats the calories. It's just like exercising.

If you have 2-3 minutes to spare, check out this clip on Crooks and Liars:


I wish Pelosi and other Dem leaders would go 'badass' on record like this more often. Here, she calls out Bush and his obvious conflict of interest. Simple, to the point. And dead-on.

If we inquire about the nutrional value of Safeway products, then the terrorists have won.

I will not confirm or deny that I recently had a Safeway Product.

I will say these gas prices are changing everything in America.
If you don't believe me, wait till they run the Indianapolis 400 next month.

If we really want to leap forward in the development of fuel efficient vehicles, cut the fuel allotment for races like Indy. I'm sure they could figure out a way to eke Prius-like fuel economy and still go 200 MPH.

Yeah baby... NASCAR! Hells yeah! OOooooWEEE! Talk about sticking the middle finger to all those tree-huggin' hippies who talk about 'energy independance'. It's about CHOICE people... the 8000 gallons of 112 Octane (and it's leaded too...ha!) burned during a weekend's festivities is NOTHING compared to pure joy you get watching really fast billboards race in circles. Good times...

Actually, Indy and F1 race on Ethanol, Methanol or nitromethane (not sure which), not gas. NASCAR on the other hand...

Indy and F1 race on Ethanol

Who knew! I thought ethanol didn't give the same bang for the buck as the good 'ol 87 octane I get at the Stop and Rob on the corner. At least that's what Rush told me this morning. And I'm sure that's what Tony will be telling me in a couple of weeks.

Ethanol is fools gold until the process improves. It takes a lot of gas to make it. However, our oil independance is going to require a multi-fuel approach, of which Ethanol is only one piece of the puzzle.


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