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Friday, April 21, 2006

Off duty

I'm nearly totally immersed in preparing for my rap performance tomorrow night, and so blogging's in the back seat for a while. Right now it's the Soundblaster studio and the rhyming dictionary websites for me.

If you've got a favorite rap expression that you think I should throw in at some point, please leave it in the comments.

Comments (31)

"pimpin" anything

One that makes me laugh: "I'm high like Degrassi." (Here's a link in case you don't get the reference.)

Check yo-self before you wreck yo-self.

Jack, remember: The important thing is that you represent.

Don't hesitate to give someone the 411 (that's four-one-one) on any topic you desire. It means serving up the information, yo.

You should include a reference to the po-po or 5-0.

I like the term coined by Outkast, "discrimihate."

"I met a critic, I made her **** her drawers,
She said she thought hip hop was only guns and alcohol--
I said "oh hell naw!" But yet it's that too,
You can't discrimihate cuz you done read a book or two."

(From "Humble Mumble" off the "Stankonia" album)

"Proof went poof?"

Sotto voce.

With my mind on my Trammy
And my Trammy on my mind.

Or maybe something involving 160-million foot pounds of torque in your behind. That would be AWESOME. Or "tight" as the kids say.

Careful Chris... that could sound like "Tranny" when recorded. Like, "'scuse me while I kiss the sky"... sounds like Jimi wanted to 'kiss this guy'.

Song entitled "One candidate, two faces"

I got two faces and a plan
I got two faces and a plan

I'm the Burdick woman

One face points to my record
One face points points to the tram
Oh, what a sham I am

I'm the Burdick woman

I say I support business
My record say I'll give'em the business

And I know I got a tin ear for small business
unless P.G.E. pays for my business

I'm the two faced candidate
But I'm whistling this tune for all its worth
Like a seal at a circus for the ring masters
The two papers that say "we get it"
Then show they "lost it"

you a blazin, phrasin, politically brazen, too caucasian white boy, ain't no rapper!

for d*** h**** you have to look up what words rhyme with federalist, Scalia, and free market.

Thanks, I already had one of those three.

Maybe you could throw down an old school rhyme like,
"No taxation without representation."

Cause I got skills-
And I won't choke like the buffalo bills

I'm the baddest
Taking out all rookies
So forget Oreos
Eat Bojack cookies

*apologies to LL Cool J*

For listenable, narrative rhyming, try listening to "Follow the Leader" by Eric B and Rakim, "It Was a Good Day" by Ice Cube, or "Summertime" by Will Smith (probably still recording at that time as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince). We won't turn you into the RZA overnight...

"Microsoft niggas let bygones be bygones
but since I'm Macintosh Ima double click yo icon"

A sure crowd pleaser...taking some of foxworths' emails and setting them to rhyme and rhythm...I'd give an example but sitting working on my chocolate bunny ears.

It's all about the Hamiltons baby!

History will show the Natalie rap laid waste to Lazy Sunday.

Some call me Prof
some call me Tough
But I aint playin
cause I like it Rough

Eveyun talkin bout me
Like I'm real bad
But check out Derrick
cause hes been had

All he wanted was some boody
But he didn't know
he was slappin nastys
wit a Ghetto Ho

Hair like a brillo, it cuts up my pillow


Homemade dishes made with plenty of shrimpses

I like "Holla, dolla bill y'all". And you should definitely consider wearing an oversized wall clock on a gold neck chain a la Flavor Flav...

I don't know about rhymes, but I sure hope you're going to record and podcast this next to the internal revenue code project...

I'm down with nader on the Flava Flav idea. 'Cept every rapper's gotta have his own style. Maybe you could wear a gigantic faux gold plated form 1040 for bling.

Unless you are intent on pandering to some caricature of a poetic, great—and now global—art form, might I suggest that the university crowds are ready for a Duke Lacrosse Team recontextualization of Tupac's "Baby Don't Cry":

"Beneath the surface it was more than just a crooked smile
Nobody knew about her secret so it took a while
I could see a tear fall slow down her black cheek
Sheddin quiet tears in the back seat; so when she asked me,
"What would you do if it was you?"
Couldn't answer, such a horrible pain to live through
I tried to trade places in the tragedy
I couldn't picture three crazed niggaz grabbin me
For just a moment I was trapped in the pain, Lord come and take me ..."

Make sure you check your i.d., cuz!


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