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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Not too swift

Multnomah County Chair Diane Linn really can't do anything right -- anything.

First she allegedly has her staff doctor up her appointments calendar before releasing it to the public, to make her look busy. Then when she's busted for it, today she mouths off in The O to the effect that any action against her by the county d.a. must be politically motivated because assistant d.a. John Bradley supports her opponent in her upcoming primary.

Slight problem: wrong John Bradley.

Now the main d.a,., Mike Schrunk, is turning the matter over to the state Department of Justice for investigation.

Would a Linn perp walk not be the best local TV Portland has produced since Tonya Harding? Bernie himself could put her in her cell and turn the key. (Just not at Wapato, of course.)

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Worst. Typo. Ever. What I get for posting and running...

Loaded this page off my feed reader, read a slew of other things, came back to this, was gonna comment, hit F5 for a refresh and see that I was beaten to the punch.

*chuckle* Sorry, what was the actual gist of the post, again?

I dunno; the bit about Turner in the article sounds like a credible basis for questioning the Wheeler campaign's tactics to me. If we assume that every accusation made in this town-especially right before an election-is a credible one, I don't think we will ever get to to the root of the problems in Oregon. People who know this- who have personal knowledge-and there are many-ought to be speaking up.

What I get for posting and running...

Dad's home! Everyone look busy!

People that know Bridges say she's credible; besides, Linn does a great job on her own creating scandal. I'm just not seeing a conspiracy much as Linn's supporters would like to believe in one.

Has it occurred to anyone that the reason people like Turner might be supporting Wheeler is because these political scandals might have a basis of truth?

What Cynthia? OK, Turner supports Wheeler, but all she did was verify something. She didn't make the original statement. In addition, all of the evidence based on Linn's prior incompetence and the 25 year tenured CFO's recent resignation points toward this being HIGHLY credible. YOu mean she'll ask the CFO to cook the books but "heavens no" she couldn't have had the calendar changed? Please.
The fact that Linn immediately - and erroneously - lashed out at the D.A. only further undermines her defenses. Notice that NOW she claims the calender change didn't happen...though it took her a whole day to decide that. Her initial response was not a denial, it was a weak explanation (read the original WW story carefully) that it was updated or something. Now, suddenly, she's gone to denial mode (probably after making sure the County IT people couldn't drag up the original).
By the way, don't you think that Turner supporting Wheeler says more about Linn than Turner? How many staff people has Diane Linn had since she's been in office? At least 4 or 5 chiefs of staff in what, 5 or 6 years? That says something too. She's incompetent, an embarrassment, and dishonest.

Let's be fair. Maybe Diane didn't go to work on those days because it was snowing, but she still wanted to get paid.

Am I the only one that remembers the O's piece on Linn from a few years back that followed her for a day - writing about her schedule? Looked pretty scant at that time . . .

And Jack - yours was the second "worst typo ever". A Google search proves it.

Isn't it all just classic Diane Linn? I don't know about being criminally charged, but she definitely needs to be turned out by the voters. But then I thought that way back in the snow days fiasco. She has been in way over her head in this job for a long time.

Do you think Brian Guard gave her advice on how to doctor her calendar?

I don't know what Linn did -or didn't-do. I recall a former commissioner who told me that people like me "keep them honest"; I was thinking "Isn't that the job of your conscience?". I just don't think Linn is extrodinarily incompetent when it comes to the pool of Portland politicos. I think most all of them stink. My limited experience is that Linn is not as blatant-or clueless-as some of the others and therein could lie some of her present difficulties. Lawyers are forever telling people to keep quiet; I am not sure the the fact that she didn't speak up immediatelely means much. And in a properly managed fiscally stable community, she would have been applauded for offering employees snow days. She tried to be a leader in a community that can't handle leaders.

I do know the politcal machines depend upon the power of the set up to manipulate the masses. And the Goldschmidt machine-which by any other name would smell as rotten-ain't daid yet, imho

Machines also depend upon the ambitions, lusts, and vanities of people working in clerical and support positions: I once had to get a judge's order to force a court clerk to issue summonses in a potentially controversial case, although the FRCP don't give her the discretion to say no. I can just imagine "important" lawyers flattering and flirting with her to curry favor.

p.s. Gag me with a spoon when it comes to what Michael Schrunk will and will not tolerate. He has made the Grand Jury into a Grand Joke.

Re the "typo"...Jack, perhaps there was an element of subliminality in your post ?


If it were just this latest misstep you might have a case to make, but with Linn it's been a series of missteps. Not just bad. Really bad. I can't put my finger on why other than she doesn't have what it takes to operate on the level she's on.

She's incompetent, an embarrassment, and dishonest.

Wow, first time in quite a while I have heard words like that, and they were not talking about W!

Maybe, but my experience is that Lisa Naito and Maria RdS are worse. They just don't get the publicity. And Wheeler is buddying up to them. Show me a particularly COMPETENT politico in this town. I think that's what you get when you live in a puppet theater: a puppet show.
And after, reading this morning's O article, I detect something troll-like in both Wheeler and Schrunk's indignation in this matter.


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