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Thursday, April 6, 2006

No "clean money" for Lucinda Tate

It's official.

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The chose to disqualify Tate over a technicality that is entirely unrelated to the ostensibly forged signatures.

And not a mention of the possibility that Boyles and Tate may have fronted a portion of their "qualifying" contributions.

Interesting. There must be a name for the practice of prosecuting a lesser charge, despite reliable evidence of more serious crimes.

Kind of like prosecuting the mob for tax charges. Sure, they murdered a lot of people, but that's much harder to prove.

If you read all the way through you would have seen:
Additional Information:
An investigation is pending for possible criminal and civil violations regarding contributions to
the candidate's campaign. Results of this investigation may affect candidate's eligibility for certification.

It sort of sucks that it was denied because of a technicality, but at least it was denied.


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