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Thursday, April 6, 2006

New Foxworth charge

Apparently, he's been moonlighting as a columnist on the internet.

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And then I'm gonna show you my huge, engorged pension.

Genius, Jack--I love Smoove B.

I think a photo-shop image of Chief Foxy in a silk smoking jacket holding out a bar of Dagoba Chocolate could generate some good laughs. I've already got a few captions like;
"Leaded or heh, heh, heh Unleaded?", "Mines got nuts!" "Shall I keep the badge on?" you get the picture.

Ick. Just ick.

I see a disability coming on.

I've said it before....I'll say it again....it's the good ol' boys takin' care of the good ol' boys. Tommy Boy is as complicit as big throbbin D. Seems I've heard some somewhere a phrase "kultur of korruption"....seems apt, huh? They oughta both resign.

Whatta joke!

The Chief didn't type anything that most men haven't said (or thought) in the privacy of their homes, mistresses arms, Las Vegas hotel rooms, etc.

His primary mistake was putting it in print.

His second mistake was transmitting it via PPB email.

His third mistake was not making sure his ex-mistress wasn't promoted more frequently, or ushered into a "better" job at the S/O, 911 center, or a friendly City Commissioner's staff. Whoops, my mistake: politicians only hire based on merit.

The fact she's apparently held the same job all these years is proof that she didn't receive favorable treatment simply to shut her up.

If he had cut her brake lines, or planted three pounds of cocaine in her car, that would be reason to fire him.

If every bureau director with a vindictive ex-lover had to be fired, I'm afraid there might be a leadership vacuum.

"Let me scotch a rumor, again," he said. "Chief Foxworth will continue to be the chief of police. Period." - Mayor Tom Potter, January 2006

Care to change your mind, Mr. Mayor? Would you like to form a visioning committee to tell you what to do?


Alice -

Are you being serious? Are you endorsing this use of city property and staff resources to perpetuate this b.s.?

I'm no prude, but come on. If this is how the chief uses his judgement in these matters, that's not the man I want managing Portland's police resources. Surely there must be more qualified people. They don't have to be neutered, but they should at least have some discretion. And messing around where you work, at a city bureau no less on city time and equipment, is the complete absence of discretion.


I listed three "mistakes" from which you should infer his actions were objectionable. The second mistake was the use of City time and property to indulge his sexual fantasies.

But it's more than a little ironic for an attorney to use the term "sexually disgusting emails" when his sexual fantasies are common and well within the range of "normal" human sexuality. If we reviewed Mr. Calzaretta's recent DVD purchases/rentals, cable channels subscriptions, or web wanderings, we are very likely to find that he pursued similarly "sexually disgusting" content in his private life. Most men do.

If D.F. had sent her an email suggesting a menage a trois with a K-9 unit...reasonable people might agree that is "sexually disgusting"...But to role play the "big, strong, dominant male makes wantom woman submit to his every whim" lick, naked, sweaty, blah, blah, blah. Who cares?

Get angry because he wasn't doing police work 9-5, but don't criticize the man for having an active libido. If a subordinate chose to have consenting sexual relationship with her boss, it seems unfair to place the inevitable fallout discomfort entirely on his shoulders.

Alice...face the music: the leadership vacuum was/is clearly present.....waaaaaaay before Big D started tappin' dem emails.

I actually felt sorry for the guy, reading those emails. (And I agree with Alice--they are hardly disgusting. But sex for politicians is like sex for your parents--you know it happens, on a certain level, but you don't like to be confronted with evidence.) It was clearly a profound lapse in good sense, but I don't know if it rises to the level of a firing offense. Hard to see how he remains, though, knowing that everyone he passes will be snickering about those emails.

We loosed the Moose but it took some juice.

Wonder what a Fox is worth?


Where did I say the man can't have a libido. I have a libido (sho nuff). Luckily, I own my own email system, so I don't have to worry about people snooping in if/when I decide to write sexy emails to my wife (and or mistress, should I choose to have one - though they seem like a lot of trouble, frankly).

And there's the rub. Foxworth wanted to party with his woman. Fair enough. He was a COMPLETE MORON about the way he did it. E-mails that are a matter of public record...not even bothering to get a good alias. That's what I mean about his judgement. Discretion, discretion, discretion. I don't necessarily condone what he did, and maybe it's not worth firing over, but is this really the best Portland can do?

Aren't we all on here every so often whining about how Portland settles for incompetent (Sten) or average (Potter) leadership? Why should Foxworth be held to any different standard?


Ten Squat....your screed is more appropriate for Blue oregon

Plus, it's potentially libelous, so it's coming down.

Yeah, but...Tenswat has a point. A very sharp one.

Why is it that we're even interested in this, when other matters, of national and, local import should be garnering far more interest.

This looks like one of those, "LOOK OVER THERE!" scams that the Bushit administration is so good at...It looks like a diversion to me. Total import: Negligible.

Look for something else. As noted, a civil suit has been filed. It's for Mr. Foxworth, who has his day in court yet to come, to deal with that. It's not worth $144+ million, like the SoWhat travesty....what happened there today?

Ironically, Tenskey is considered brilliant and edgy over at B/O; yet Kari has permanently banned me from posting there.

Sirajewel: what are you wearing? Would you like some of my Cour-VAS-see-yay? It's imported. Portland's political leadership and civil servants are a mirror image of her citizenry: that's why we hate them so much.

Godfry: Gard/Gerber/Burdick are probably behind the Boyles/Tate/Golovan consipiracy and the Foxworth/Oswalt proceedings. They're just trying to move the TRAM off the front page of THEO and THEBlogs. That Waikiki flesh eating bacteria story is theirs too. I heard they even have cocoa contacts in the Ecuadoran rainforest. Resistance is futile. Proofread or die.

I agree with Alice.

Lapse in judgement? Yes.

I don't think this thing is such a BFD though. Slap him on the wrist for using public e-mail for private use, if you want. But I don't think there's much more to it than that.

I'm not from that era, but I'd just as soon go back to the "good ol' days" when this kind of stuff was not reported. I don't want to know about public officials' sex lives.

Portland's political leadership and civil servants are a mirror image of her citizenry: that's why we hate them so much.

But Alice...I'm a "civil servant" and I like you. Do you really hate me?

Hey, on a different topic, Saltzman's voting for the Tram! Read all about it in tomorrow's O! :) I expect Jack to post something on this any minute...

The Chief made a series of human errors in judgment that any of us could have made. This is a case of a relationship between two people gone bad. That's not a crime. I have written emails of a sexual nature to lovers before. I would be mortified to have them read, but I could go toe to toe with the Chief in the creative writing dept., I think.

I can't understand why more attention isn't being paid to the fact that she waited many years before announcing that their lengthy, consentual relationship was a problem for her. Why is it harassment only now? He is being crucified by the media, his wife will probably leave him, & he may lose his job.

Although he made some stupid mistakes, he does not deserve the price he is paying, or the one he is yet to pay.

Well, I'm sorry Jack, you make the call and I hear you say 'out' so it's out. I'm at the edge, where true-speaking meets power corrupting absolutely, but it's not my proprietary nor would I mean causing you or your raiment any vulnerable exposure. Susceptible, maybe. Vulnerable, no. [ ba da boom ] I'm sorry. My bad.

Grins with Alice, that's a first. To me surprising there'd be an Alice ban at BlubOregon, it's all trolls all the time. I wasn't told why or that I was banned, only every keystroke is Error, you are not allowed to comment [ dingding dingding woo-oo woo-oo woo-oo FlAsH fLaSh FlAsH Prior Restraint Policia ! nab him ! ] I suppose my opinion of present politics as being two-faced one-party rule, incorrigible, with disdain and defiance for all, and including Democrats as not the opposite of Republicans but Democrats and Republicans as the opposite of civics, civilian commonwealth, and domestic tranquility, might have had something to do with blacklisting me. BlubOregon is really Kari's bubbleworld, and the celebrity gravity is only graffiti-deep, a banner to the politics of personalities, not principles -- thinking in sound bites with the sound off.

(Present company excluded, of course, meaning I like Commissioner Leonard and others who peddle comments in the free blog-idea market unmonopolized by BlubGlub, anywhere, really, where dialogue is two-way. Plus, so many good young blogs, so little time; maybe count a blessing in disguise to get me out meeting others, netting contacts beyond Club Blub. And's the pity -- so many trolls there, so little shame.)

On another hand the ban may be to quarantine the infectious idea that an unprecedented voter action is setting up in oh-six, when coordination of write-in votes, (district by district, self-selected and -organized, no money to media, no careerist elites), could seat a majority in the US House who are not Democrat not Republican, neither fishy nor foul. Write-in's skip the primary and the party-perks prostrating and -- plus ! -- it leaves a paper trail. Just saying, it seems the career politicos are clueless how rapid the network can shift losers to the margin, and marginals to winners, like these two "Crashing the Gates" dudes are on to.

So, yeah, my point was if media means to report information that matters in our lives and makes an aware voting public, it ain't the police chief's love's labor flossed, it is the federales with fetishes.

The link Jack had to scrub was to dub dub dub Wayne Madsen Report.COM the April 6 item. It is all text no TV, but still not for the easily queasy to see and read. Ick. Sick.

And then, something slightly safer, there's this: Pedophiles in Our Midst
By Christy Hardin Smith, Firedoglake. Posted April 6, 2006.

Why is our government doing background checks on activists but not on its own staff? . One of the biggest questions in my mind was, how was this happening repeatedly with a Department of Homeland Security official who was using his work cell phone to perpetrate this? The Post had this as well:
Another Homeland Security official -- Frank Figueroa, special agent in charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Tampa -- faces trial this week on charges of exposing himself to a teenage girl last year at a mall. Figueroa, who has been suspended, pleaded not guilty.
. What in the hell is going on at the Department of Homeland Security? These are the people who are supposed to be protecting us, right? Instead, it looks like we have to protect our children from them. Background check, anyone?
Christy Hardin Smith blogs daily at the FireDogLake blog.

A national write in strategy to take back the Congress? You can't be serious.

You need a refund on whatever you've been smokin' Tenskey....Take it back to the retailer in the original packaging for a full refund.

Alice, here's the part where I disagree with you.... If DF is having a relationship with a subordinate, then that's a problem. I really don't care that much about his emails/calls etc, and like you said, nothing he wrote is outside normal bounds for a two people gettin' their freak on. But for him to do so with someone he manages is wrong, wrong, wrong.

It's so obviously wrong for him to fall into this scenario that it really makes me question his decision-making process. To me, that takes it way beyond a "lapse in judgement" (Ellie).

Do we have flawed politicians? Of course. some are just more so than others. Foxworth's personal life (if true) comes off pretty good compared to the likes of Goldschmidt, Kennedy etc. I don't believe there has been much negativity on Foxworth during his tenure. My personal contact with him was at a senior meeting. After giving him some information regarding a Senior/youth intergenerational program idea, he was enthusiatic and pressed for more information, after the meeting on the way out. This from a police chief who obvious had a great deal of interest in helping seniors and especially youth. I was impressed.

I think the story has many more details to unfold, and it's going to get messier as well as more entertaining in a tragic sort of way. My main questions are: Why now? Why did she wait so long? Is she a woman scorned? Does she want some easy money? Revenge? Why didn't she transfer to another job? Is she a bad employee who is doing this to prevent being fired? Is she crazy? In love? What? I would also like to see her email replies. It took two to tango.

I also don't buy the intimidation factor that she is presenting. If a boss comes on to you, and you are not interested, you tell him "Thanks but no thanks". And if he doesn't go away and you fear retaliation, then you RUN, not walk, RUN, to Human Resources and they will make it stop. A governmental agency will quickly and quietly get involved because they know they are at financial risk if they don't fix the problem. From that day forward after going to HR, they will be watching for bad behavior, especially punitive behavior on behalf of your boss. They will even help you find another similar job if you so choose. Seems like there would be many other places that this gal could have moved to and it would go away. Been there, done that.

While I think the Chief has major integrity problems and certainly used extremely poor judgement which is mind boggling, this looks like a two sided affair and she is not entirely innocent. Yeah, he's a cheater, but she's the "cheatee" and knew he was otherwise involved, and I don't buy that she got involved because she was intimidated. Maybe infatuated by his powerful commander role, but not intimidated into doing something she did not want to do. Like I said, I want to see HER emails to him.

He's a big schmuck, yep. Clearly not too bright when it comes to his personal life and professional life. Just a woman's perspective who has worked with men for a long time. It didn't have to get to this point.

Tent Squat...your last post (1:38AM) is REALLY good.....take it to Kinkos....get a thousand copies and put them on windshields at Clackamas Town Center or Washington Square...you've got too much time on your hands.

The Police Chief says his pals at Willamette Week knew ALL ABOUT his blonde girlfriends, but WW guaranteed Foxworth they would cover for him. It's in the Portland Tribune, kids.

Yesterday, not one god-dang reporter asked W about firing himself since he said he would fire anyone who leaked CIA info.
Not one reporter!!!!

Today, not ONE Oregonian reporter is calling WW to ask who was Foxworth's beard and why?

And Big O reporters wonder why their resumes get returned from the NY Times, Lancet and Seattle P-I unopened.

I can't be the only person that thinks it odd the woman's lawyer didn't just include the e-mails in the filing. Instead, the e-mails haven't been turned over but the 'dirty talk' was picked from the e-mails and submitted in the claim.

I just wonder how much of the questionable language and potential 'sexual harrassement' came from city computers or how much communication was from his home computer.

If he was forcing her to submit or face a demotion, and/or using public e-mail to get his freaky on, than fire him. If he was using his home e-mail, acting professional on the job, and continuing this admitted relationship outside of work, than I tend to think Foxy Brown would not longer give this lady his engor...*shudder*...and she got pissed and ratted him out.

Gawd, get some perspective. A lot of folks meet their Mr/Mrs. Right or Mr/Mrs. Right Now at the workplace. Nothing wrong with that. And using the email system?? Come on, you haven't sent personal emails or surfed the internet at work?? IT HAPPENS. This isn't corruption we're talking about. If it turns out he was harrassing her, then it's more serious, but still...


"And Big O reporters wonder why their resumes get returned from the NY Times, Lancet and Seattle P-I unopened."

I wonder what makes you think they'd send their resumes to The Lancet.

I'm with you TK, the point is the woman is claiming he sent her e-mail from home and work. I wonder if the work e-mails are "Kroker is a nut" and the home e-mails "my chocolate brown nekked body." That could be a tactic the lawyer is using to stir up controversy. If he has the e-mails that show the difference in tone from Foxy Brown to this woman from work e-mail and home e-mail, it could show that there isn't a case at all. The private, home e-mails also probably wouldn't get a public hearing if it was revealed which ones came from what source.

I just linked to the PDF file of the complaint and I'm still blushing. I don't even know how he brings himself to leave his house. If I were him and had his resources I'd resign, take my engorged pension and get out of Dodge before the Sun set before I'd ever show my face or anything else in this town again.

I think it is fair to say the Big O reporters do not have any self-esteem issues, as they apply to publications from central Oregon shoppers to Lancet and The Washington Post.

Lancet has seen more than one Big O resume.

Ask 'em yourself!

One aside, apparently WiWeekly says what it knows

Was it Foxworth said it, or the lawyer said she said Foxworth said it -- that WW had somebody's back? WW knows nuTHING. Well, two nothings. Two reporters there were points of contact with Foxworth. They're gone now and complicity wasn't here when they were, sez they.

As to the idea that Foxworth had a connection at WW that would protect him, both Budnick and WW editor Mark Zusman said that such a comment was laughable.
Nick Budnick, who covered the Portland Police for many years for WW, left the paper last year and is now at the Portland Tribune. When contacted, he said,
"It's true that years ago I had heard something about Foxworth possibly dating a blonde woman. That was the full extent of my knowledge. I had no idea of the woman's identity, let alone where she worked. I did not pursue the tip as I had no reason to think it was anything other than a non-work thing."

In another aside, reportedly The O to NYT: "Drop in."

Manhattan on the Willamette? Gotham meets Gresham? The O-ers don't send resumes, they receive them.

Oregon Media Insiders COM
O: Hiring Thaw After All--If Your Last Name Is Sulzberger

A ProJo source says Sulzberger, one of two children of New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., is slated to work his last day April 21 before moving to the substantially larger daily in Portland, Oregon.

Tom and others --

Fox worth and his "engorged pension" is a great line...

....but I think that Foxy has pension problems....the pension is not yet vested, as I understand it, and if Foxy gets fired now he loses the pension...

.....all of which almost guarantees that Grampy has no intention of dumping Foxy regardless of what the "investigation" by the City's HR folks comes up with....Grampy will conclude that the Cith HR investigation is "inconclusive" and allow Foxy to hang on until his pension vests....and Grampy will devoutly hope Calzaretta files suit soon so that Grampy can, Shrub -like, decline to make any comment because it "...involves a case pending in court...".

I have heard that the numerous emails are in the public domain somewhere...any clues would be appreciated. I would like to see what a lech the guy was to get an idea of the seriousness of the case. Seems like boilerplate sexual harassment, but it could be more...


Re: Foxworth

Reading today's Trib, I note that the complantant in the case against Foxworth waited five years to file the complaint.

That's kinda stale, isn't it?

It's my understanding that there is a 60-day time limit on filing sexual harrassment complaints. Is this understanding in error?

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