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Friday, April 14, 2006

Just in time for Good Friday

Erik Sten's next role: martyrdom.

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Pulling a rabbit out of the campaign hat(tax money out of the City coffers). Erik-"I don't care where the money comes from, I don't care where the money goes, as long as I spend the money."-Sten. Boy, The Oregonian rips Erik Sten, taking it out of Erik Sten's hide. I've watched Erik Sten, its clear he can talk faster than his brain works when he is spinning his way out like a helicopter.
From the Oregonian editorial "...strong candidates, businessman Dave Lister..."
"Make Erik Sten pay for it." BOY, oh BOY. The boy wonder no more.

Add to that Anna Griffin's homage to Jack in "inPortland" yesterday - calling him Dave Lister's kingmaker - and you get a very different view of local elections this year.

Thanks Jack!

Thanks Dave!

Read Bojack. Vote Lister.

I admit to being a bit dense. What does the writer mean by "This is a campaign finance system only Kevin Mannix could love." What does Mannix have to do with this?

Mannix was just shown to have converted significant campaign monies to personal use in 2002. Emilie Boyles paid her 16-year-old daughter $12,500 for web marketing work, who then paid Emilie's landlord $3000 in back rent. I.E., converted campaign funds to personal use.

Thanks for the explanation.

So why is the Auditor escaping blame, both by the Oregonian and commenters on this blog? He's up for reelection too, right? Sure, give Sten a good whuppin', but this was as much Blackmer's baby as Sten's. And he was actually tasked with administering the program and enforcing the rules -- or asking Council to clarify the rules if needed (and boy, is it ever needed).

He's about to be rewarded with another four-year term, even though his creation and administration of this program, as well as his lack of response to the scandal, bring into question his ability to effectively audit City programs.

The Mannix line was a real clunker. It interrupted a good rant.

"Make Erik Sen pay for it" says Laura Cuykendall's husband.

Hmmmmm. Erik has lots for which to answer,....


I think the Big Zero is looking to punish Sten for his current tram opposition a whole lot more than for VOE.

If it was just VOE, Gary Blackmere, who is also u for election, would be sharing the honors from Laura's husband.

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