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Monday, April 10, 2006

Is there an echo in here?

Friday, this.

Sunday, this.

On March 23, this.

Today, this illustrated by this.

On Feb. 24, this.

On April 3, this.

Somebody looks tired.

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It would be nice to have a "choice not an echo." (Now that reference is gonna date me.)

I don't especially blame the reporters, but sound-bite journalism on such a generally superficial level, imposed from on high...

What...we loved and trusted our politicians twenty years ago? Thirty years ago? Fifty? There were no "scandals," and personal morality tales? The business community wasn't complaining about somnething, and the schools were fully funded?

There is a new player at the table, and that's the blogosphere...though whether this survives or thrives, or gets chewed up and spit out by trolls and ideologues remains to be seen. In the meantime, while this "citizen journalism" plays out, this seeming perfect storm of government-in-distress...I don't think the sky is falling yet.

They did go after Mannix yesterday. Wouldn't The O love a Ted K. vs. Saxton race in November? It would be such a lock for the Goldschmidt crowd, Stickel could take the summer off from state politics and concentrate on promoting the convention center hotel, bum's rush for Saturday Market, etc.

Then they could spend more of their time buffering the fall of the presidential chimp Dumbya and his side-kick, Deadeye Dick.

You want echoes, hereís echoes: When Tiger won his first Masters, the tournament changed things around. I wrote that the new rules seemed designed to keep Tiger from winning. For example, after every birdie he now had to have a shot of tequila. Leno used it and then it bounced around for days, appearing on Imus in the Morning and ESPN radio. So take echoes as a compliment. The credit doesnít matter Ė itís the impact.
Speaking of sports, I donít believe either of these two meltdown articles about the problems facing our civic leaders, mentioned the Blazers. That makes Paul Allen an example of no impact.

Somebody should turn all this into a series on TV...

Gone are the days of Dallas.....


I must tip the cap as I thought the first Bojack image of a bus hanging on cables was fake. Thought it was a Photoshop deal. Now that The Oregonian ran it too, I see it's true.

So, how many Air Force jets hit those wires back in the day up on Mt. Hood?

Looks like my nephew's water rocket could have taken it down.

I agree with Bill M. that an echo is a compliment; snd with Bill and Ogden Nash: I don't know who it was that said it; it doesn't matter who gets the credit.

But I think this is also sad commentary on local jouralists who seem to have their noses in the air rather than on the ground.

RL recently commented that some people on this blog make " outrageous and baseless" statements. It ain't necessarily so. I have heard that assertion made about situations I know are well documented.

Imho, journalists ought to stop assuming that people in positions of authority are either a)competent, and b) clean-and START DIGGING.

That's either competent OR clean.

"""Imho, journalists ought to stop assuming that people in positions of authority are either a)competent, and b) clean-and START DIGGING."""

I think the journalists are waiting for some elected official to say,
"Yes, we are and have been Urban Renewal to divert millions from general fund budgets"

before they report what they know to be true.

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