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Monday, April 24, 2006

Down I-5 a ways...

You think the Portland police have problems? Check out this recent Eugene story.

Looks like things in Salem ain't so peachy, either.

But... we love dreamers!

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The really sad part is the SJ's sound off forum. Just scroll down below the article and see the comments posted by readers.

Here's a gem: Only minority gang-banger jerks act like this...in most cases. Occasionally, rarely, is it white teenagers. They usually shoot up schools not hospitals. BUT we'll see when or IF they are caught. Dollars to donuts it will be (my favorite expression) a "person of color".

Ah, Salem... I'm a little surprised one of the laboring mothers didn't pull a Saturday night special out of her hospital bag and bust a cap right back at them...

Wasnt it just a couple years ago that some gang-banger kids got suspended from one of the high schools in Salem, and shot up the principal's house with a shotgun?

As for the comments by readers on that page, I think people are just fed up with the situation, and are calling it as it is. Politically correct or not. Do a search sometime for the number of violent folks in Marion Co jails with ICE holds.

Salem Police recently conducted a survey where they claim 82% of the 194 residents they asked didn't feel Salem was a Hot-Bed of violence.

But then nearly one out of five did confirm feeling the heat!

They also didn't explain what other ranking options they offered those surveyed scoring Salem something below a Hot-Bed.

Both of these articles make our sensationalized potrayal of our local police scandal paltry indeed. No shots were fired, only two people were involved, and the sex was for all intents and purposes, consensual. In my opinion, much ado about nothing. The baseline racism in the comments linked to the Salem article is no surprise to me, a second generation Oregonian who has been troubled by that baseline my entire life.

Strange. I live only a few blocks away (to the northeast) and slept with the windows open that night. Didn't hear a thing.

Personally, I think it's as likely to have been drunken Willamette students as any color of gang-bangers.

And Jack, be reasonable. Firtly, no hospital is going to let a pregnant woman carry a handgun: too many fathers would be killed during labor. Secondly, I should hope no one down here would bother using a saturday night special when there is such a plentiful supply of better handguns.

isn't that the truth

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