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Friday, April 28, 2006

Di's day

With all the flap going on about Multnomah County Chair Diane Linn's calendar and schedule, it might be worth re-reading this March 2004 profile from the Trib about a day in her life.

I blogged about it here, and a fellow by the name of Dave Lister wrote in:

Two things struck me about the Diane Linn profile. First off, I wondered how she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to tend to any county business at all. Secondly, not once during that busy day did she interact with any business people or concern herself with any matters of commerce.

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Nice catch. I incorrectly referred to this article as having appeared in The O in another thread. Simply stunning.

Ha, nice. I remember that article well. I cut out all the pictures and hung them above my desk in a shrine to Ms. Linn. Like a locker-door collage to the hot teen starlet. It was mostly a joke but kind of not, much like Ms. Linn herself.

Her career in the county is so O-V-E-R.

I just received her biweekly email news letter; "report from the chair" she does not mention schedule-gate, she does however give glowing reports about herself with various county programs. So how then could this report be anything but shameless self promotion and lection year propaganda at the taxpayer expense. If this was at all a public service report should not mention the most pressing and concerning matters facing her office.

"Her career in the county is so O-V-E-R"

By all rights it ought to be. But what are the odds? She is most identifiable as the county chair that went to bat for gay marriage. How much will her stand on that issue trump her other deficits? We are talking about Multnomah County voters. One thing working against her is that it's a county-wide pool of voters, not just Portland. She must contend with all of east county. It's going to be interesting to watch.

I think she's done. The unions and the gay marriage fans won't be enough.

She is most identifiable as the county chair that went to bat for gay marriage.

As someone who believes that gay marriage should be legal, I don't give her any credit at all. Her lurching, haphazard way of just issuing the licenses out of the blue was probably the worst way to introduce the idea to a large part of the population. I think she personally added about 5 points to the "Yes" column on Measure 36.

"Secondly, not once during that busy day did she interact with any business people or concern herself with any matters of commerce."

Jack, do you and Lister just gloss over the fact that Linn's fiance is the lobbiest for the PORTLAND BUSINESS ALLIANCE?!?!?

She has an appointment with "business interests" every day!!!

I have to agree with what David J. stated above. Nobody in their right mind should vote for Linn. Linn's lack of candor and trustworthiness makes her a questionable advocate for the gay/human rights cause. I felt the hair sticking up on the back of my neck that she was just another sleazy politician cynically working the liberal Multnomah County constituency when she made the decision to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Her entire (B.S.) justificiation for the move was that she needed to follow the law to prevent litigation against the county. In the end she gave false hope to people because she didn't do her homework, or she just didn't care about the kind of long term damage she could cause to the gay/human rights cause for the purpose of her own political agenda. Linn caused Measure 36, and I really don't see any legitimate arguments to the contrary. I don't think it does the liberal faction any good to continue to support big talking do-nothing candidates like Sten and Linn. If we keep electing this type of element we will keep getting our butts kicked by the same old same olds who really run this town. Just my two cents for the day.

But worth a million bucks.

I don't disagree with Kevin or David J. in principle, but I don't know if it's simply a matter of her being "just another sleazy politician" either. While she may be sleazy, and she's surely in good part arrogant too, that doesn't really cover it because her gaffes are ones that even an arrogant and sleazy politician would easily avoid, all else being equal. My theory is that her main problem is a lack of cerebral heft. Of concern is that Ted Wheeler has zero name recognition. Diane Linn has it all. Yeah it's mostly bad, but even bad may be better than none at all.

Given Linn is likley a felon shouldn't she be resigning? Election win or loss?
Who wants her sticking around till January even if she loses?

She should withdraw from the race.

She can't be trusted.

Linn has made poor mistakes which could easily be attributed to her lack of 'Cerebral Heft' as Rusty so elegantly put it. She has tried to stir the political pot, at times, which she deserves credit for.

With that said, the schedule BS alone will be the means by which 'The Other Candidate' has my vote. He kinda scares me though, can't put my finger on the reason. Sadly, hopefully soon we can find out.


It kinda scares me that this is causing people to vote for candidates that scare them. I am not sure what the proper protocol for disclosing public records is, but I do know that redacting personal information is common practice; technically, I guess that is altering public records. I do agree with Bojack that Linn might have explained herself in the process of discolsure, but, still, there is a difference between altering and falsifying public record.

I think I will vote for Linn because Randy Leonard has endorsed her. And because she and Randy Leonard seem to be the only commissioners who cared if the Animal Services task force recommendations were being enforced. (Wheeler is pretending to care on his website, but my bet is his efforts to improve things will be as false as Lisa Naito's have been). Linn is right: she and her cronies ARE mean girls. Probably Neil is in the dead cat business. You think he has narrow and limited influence? The guy is known in Asia; I was in Micornesia 2 years ago right after the statutory rape story broke and heard American lawyers working there wondering what was going on with the Old Boy.

OOPs, I mean Lonnie Roberts, not Randy Leonard.

That's Micronesia. Can't type I guess.

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