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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Busy work

Here's a wild one in today's Willamette Week -- a former aide to Multnomah County chair Diane Linn says Linn had her fake entries in Linn's appointment calendar before turning it over to a reporter who had made a public records request. According to the aide, the changes were both additions and deletions, but all were designed to make Linn look busier with official business than the real calendar showed:

Bridges recalled taking out references to phone calls between Linn and her former chief of staff, John Rakowitz, a longtime Linn boyfriend who had gone to work for the Portland Business Alliance; some notes pertaining to discussions of Wapato Jail; and indications Linn had taken several days off for vacation.

Bridges says most troubling was that she was asked to make Linn's work schedule look more robust. Bridges says she added meetings that never took place, some scheduled earlier in the morning than Linn typically arrived, and added a boilerplate notation to make it look like Linn was returning calls and emails and available in her office on Friday afternoons when, according to Bridges, she was often gone.

Ace funny guy Bill McDonald is already all over this one over at Portland Freelancer, but that's no reason for us not to get into the act. How about it, readers? Use the comment space for:

Top 10 Other Diane Linn Calendar Changes

Start with no. 10 and work down to no. 1.

Comments (46)

10. Delete all the Bernie stuff.

9. Replace any and all references to "Starbucks" with "Stumptown."

7. Pick up more peroxide at Wal-Mart.

Sorry, I meant 7. Delete reference to picking up more peroxide at Wal-Mart.

(fake appointment added to calendar)

Tuesday, February 14th
2:45 pm
Regal Cinemas Lloyd Center

Pass out free tickets to Brokeback Mountain matinee.

6. Brazilian Wax.


February 1st, 10pm

meeting with D.F. at Common Grounds

8. January 31, 2004 delete: secret meeting with "mean girls" to discuss leaving Lonnie Roberts out of the loop on everything.

5. Add: Pickup hoops game with Nate McMullen.

4. Delete all Thursday evening appointments, June 4-August 18, 2002, re. Klingon classes at PCC.

Sorry to interrupt the jokefest, but I sort of empathize with Linn on this one. Maybe her job doesn't require her to be that much of a public face for the county like Potter is for the city. Maybe her day consists of many boring, unmentionable tasks that cumulatively make up her job. Hmmm, budget work, return emails, make calls, draft letters, etc etc.

Sure, this smells funny, but it's got to be difficult to have your time examined and scrutinized. Even if you're elected.

I dunno, just a thought.

3. Add: Planning session re. affordable housing with Sten and Blackmer.


This is NOT about how busy she is or what her day to day tasks are. It IS about altering a PUBLIC DOCUMENT to make herself look better. It is fraud and under Oregon law, may even be a felony.


So perhaps now she will be excluded from Candidates gone Mild, oh right I mean Wild.

Well, Tom, I'm afraid the event would lose about half its entertainment value if that happened.

A public document, yes, but her calendar?? I mean, it seems pretty stupid to alter a calendar for appearances sake, but perhaps this isn't in the same realm as, say, altering meeting minutes or transcripts... REAL public records.

I understand if you don't like Linn (I'm on the fence myself), but come on... this is a reach.

It shows a certain attitude.

"I'm afraid the event would lose about half its entertainment value if that happened." That was my whole point about the exclusion of Emilie. So we should say it loses the other half of it's entertainment value (or the other quarter). They better have a good band and an open bar.

I dont ever want to see the terms "Diane Linn" and "Brazilian wax" in the same blog. I now need to wash my eyes with battery acid to get that image out of my mind.

Maybe she makes a "to do" list on the backs of junk mail envelopes and doesn't use her calendar much.

Well then, you turn over the calendar with an explanation. You don't falsify the calendar.

10. Register at Wal-Mart for her impending marriage to Lonnie Roberts.
9. Register at Fantasy Bookstore for her impending marriage to Maria Rojo de Steffey.
8. Cast her new production of "Dan Mosee: The Musical".
7. Call Phil Stanford to get some local mob phone numbers to wipe out most of county commission.
6. Investigate whether Ted Wheeler ever had sex with Neil Goldschmidt.
5. Have sex with Neil Goldschmidt.
4. Check out residency requirement in order to run for Mayor of Maywood Park.
3. Go out to SE 82nd and throw quarters at passers-by, yelling "You want your hard-earned tax money back... HERE IT IS!"
2. Scrape Ted Wheeler bumper sticker off of her mother's car.
1. Buy new home in Lake Oswego, as there won't be a reason for her to live in Multnomah County much longer.

According to Willamette Week the former staffer who blew the whistle on this one was inspired to come forward because she was incensed by an April 12, 2006 WW piece which reported that "Linn's appointment calendar showed she worked longer hours than all but one of her four colleagues during the first two months of 2006". The allegations brought forward relate to conduct that occurred in Septmeber 2003, and are corroborated by Linn's then chief of staff. Linn agrees that she ordered the staffer to add things to the calendar after a reporter requested the same to "reflect the reality of what I was doing, including meetings that hadn't made it onto the schedule." The ex-staffer asserts that she was the one who scheduled all of Linn's appointments and that the calander was completely accurate before Linn ordered the alterations. This appears to be a case of a public official altering a public document with knowledge that it would very likely be used to her political advantage. Elected official's should be held to very high standards for honesty. Hopefully the voters have a collective disapproving response to Ms. Linn's conduct on election day.

Had meeting to discuss obtaining clearance from Agnes first. (Results confidential, and there was no such meeting.)

6. Investigate whether Ted Wheeler ever had sex with Neil Goldschmidt.

HA! Very good one.

Jack sez: "It shows a certain attitude."

Kinda like that guy Hiltzik from the LA Times, who had his sock puppets chime in during comments sections (like this one) to support and praise his bloviating.

Linn does show an attitude...."I am really a busy gov't worker", "Screw the newspaper, I will just give them my snow job".

What an insecure loser who lies!

6. Investigate whether Ted Wheeler ever had sex with Neil Goldschmidt.

Doubtful, but I hear he kissed Reagan.

Why not amend WW's public records request to get the backed-up copy of the calendar prior to the alleged alteration date? Back-up copies are always kept for a while, and if it's as recent as April 12, there would probably be daily archives available. If I'm not mistaken, files stored on such archives are as available to a PRR as the live copy she's using now.

Ask any Beaverton City employee who *thought* that purging incriminating Nike land use related files off of their HDD, took care of the evidence.

tk your sitting on a rotten fence.

Probably true

1) Replacement day off in exchange for coming in on a snow day.

IT is indeed a rotten fence; given the way the game is played here; and given how the Lisa Naito trio has turned on Linn and embraced Wheeler, I would encourage skepticim all the way around. I don't think you can presume staff is honorable: I remember once I tried to talk to Bev Stein through her staff; later I got the distinct impression she never got my message. There is thick good ol' sleezy mucky muck where our representatives dwell. Linn makes me a little less sick than some of the others, but I don't like the fact that she expresses pride in knowing DA Schrunk.

5. Find all "Neil Goldschmidt" .........and..... replace with "Concerned Citizen".

Calendars aren't REAL public records? I seem to remember some federal employee once (cough -- Cheney -- cough) who had some important meetings with the heads of certain energy companies...

Pretty much everything counts as a real record nowadays, public sector or private sector. Just ask any attorney. (The only exception to this being, of course, the White House under any administration, which can lock info up by fiat.)

OK, I admit I liked this story because I don't like Dianne Linn, and I think she did lie, manipulate, and falsify her records.

But if anyone tried to determine how productive I am from my calendar, they couldn't get an accurate estimate from it.

I keep all my appointments and meetings on my Outlook calendar. I log all my billable hours to projects separately and enter them on my time sheet each pay period. I don't re-enter those hours on my calendar. My calendar is mostly reminders for my feeble memory--some of them personal.

I'm sure this is common practice--you can't see what I do nor the hours I keep from my calendar, and as much as I liked the WW article, that's a fundamental weakness of its analysis, unless the commissioners are required to have their calendars be an official record that accurately represents all their hours.

Uh oh -- cut the comedy. God says she should resign.

Jack - You disappoint me; you obviously didn't attend the City Club debate. Wheeler would have been kissing John Anderson. #6

Whether it is Linn's calendar or something else at this point, it's just another addition to the long line of "misunderstandings" and "tricky nuances" and it's clearly someone else's fault with her. How many illegal and unethical things does she have to do before people say No More?

I believe Linn is being made the scapegoat of the dysfunctional board. And that this charge is likely a machination of the Wheeler campaign. Wheeler is the machine man-and the Oregonian's choice. He is supposed to "restore trust in government". People, especially those as news men and women,should realize that governments are not supposed to be blindly trusted, they are supposed to be checked by the citizenry and the press. This phrase and "sreamlining development" are just bad comedy that ought not to be fooling anyone. I wish RL or Linn herself would chime in on this issue.

Linn is the head of the board. Therefore, at least on some level, she is, in fact, responsible for its dysfunction.

If recent history is any guide, I don't think Ms. Linn has much, other than the voter’s wrath, to worry about.

A little over a year ago it was revealed that the second highest paid public employee in Oregon (Dr. Kohler being the first of course), Kathy Keene, CEO of SAIF Corp had ordered the minutes from the SAIF Board of Directors Executive Sessions, shredded. In a scenario very similar to Linn's the former SAIF officials secretary verified all the sorted details.

Those Executive Sessions of the SAIF Board were the places were Goldschmidt and the agency's other paid influenza laid out their master plans. It's all gone.

And the Marion County DA's response?

Nothing to date. The last time anybody asked they were told that the matter was still "under investigation".

After being hammered for paying Goldschmidt $40,000 per month and other indiscretions, she quit under pressure. Rumor has it that the Salem elite feel she's been through enough and nothing would be served by running up these charges over an "administrative error".

Five bucks says Linn gets similar treatment, particularly after the voters relieve her of her current duties.

A good theory Lib,Respondeat Superior. But I in reality I think it is difficult when the boss is being pushed out. This is not to say she is a perfect leader, but this thing is a classic set up.

It was probably hatched at the same meeting as Neil Goldschmidt's secret plan to get Emilie Boyles.

This stinks like yesterday's diapers.

People heaeabouts could be a little less naive about the operation of political machines; they are able to function because the public lacks sophistication.

Does anybody have a Japanese sword that Chair Linn can ceremoniously fall on? I'm sure they wouldn't prosecute a woman who withdrew from the primary to "spend more time with family", would they?

Not that it matters, but I think paying any Goldschmidt $40k/month is more obscene than the $400 million paid to the Chairman of Exxon Mobil.

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