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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Big fish, small fry

A couple of celebrity sightings yesterday in Stumptown:

First, as we headed for the Hawthorne Bridge, we caught new Police Chief Rosie Sizer heading back to the Justice Center, coming from the direction of City Hall. By the time we passed her, she was crossing the street alone. We couldn't resist rolling down the window to yell, "Good luck, chief." She smiled and said "Thanks."

Next stop: the Burgerville on Hawthorne for a late afternoon turkey burger. The place is empty except for me and none other than Mike Powell, owner of the famous bookstore. His order: "Small fry." That's it.

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Thursday I saw Mayor Potter in the middle of 4th Ave. (across from City Hall)giving directions to an out of town driver (Arizona, maybe?) while the light was green, holding up traffic in two lanes. (As friendly and "Portland" as that was, I realized right then this was a metaphor for visioning.)

University of Central Oklahoma to be powered totally by wind. See, those professors are good for something.

Sorry, couldn't resist passing on this Farkline.

Is sumptin fishy here, Cheif Rosie seems normal.

My best to her.

We need a Police Chief we can believe in - after Foxworth, Kroeker & Moose. Potter was smart to choose a woman for the job. Good luck, Rosie.

That's nothing- I saw R.E.M.'s Peter Buck downtown on Tuesday, across from Maya Taqueria

I passed her Friday afternoon, crossing 4th ave by City Hall, about 5pm. She seems a lot shorter in person...

And Magoo, what was wrong with Kroeker? I thought he was a pretty good guy.

I've had the great pleasure of working on a public safety committee with Rosie Sizer the past year or so. She's a wonderful person, and I was thrilled to see that she's acting chief. Hopefully, Potter will appoint her permanent chief. You go girl!

Honestly, I can't find fault with anything Kroeker did while Portland's Chief. However, the controversy about some of the statements he'd made in the past (in L.A.) sort of clouded his tenure here, and unfortunately made him unacceptable to many in our community.

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