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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another one bites the dust

As I suspected he might.

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Americans are curiously naive. We expect men who have enough schutzpah to become a Senator, President or even Chief of Police to never step over the line. We expect them to have all great qualities with no liabilities. That just isn't realistic. In the case of Mr. Foxworth I remember what he did after officer Sery shot and killed an agitated but unarmed African American named Perez. Mr Foxworth went to the home of Perez's family in an effort to smooth the waters. That took exceptional strength. Maybe he brought some of that determination to his personal life. And that is why I must support him.

after a long and heated argument with my friends regarding the issue of derrick's dilemma, i have come to the conclusion that while my heart supports him, my head does not. when are people who decide to enter the public arena going to realize that their lives are now the publics. with all the media attention there is no way they can take the kinds of risks that derrick took by entering into an affair of this kind. it was bound to come around and bite him. i sincerely wish derrick all the luck in the world, but i do not want him back on the job. his lack of judgement has shown a weakness in a public leader and to return him to work would compound the problem not solve it.

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