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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Amanda's "clean money"

To round out our look at where Portland taxpayers' "clean" dollars are going as they pay for "voter-owned elections," we've perused candidate Amanda Fritz's disclosures, and there's not much there to shout about. Like Erik Sten, she spent money on yard signs at an out-of-state outfit. The volunteers eat at Foti's Greek Deli a lot. She uses a payroll service for the paid help.

Unlike some other candidates, Fritz has already bought radio time: around $8,000 worth on KPOJ, Portland's Air America affiliate.

One interesting item right at the end of her report: Apparently she's in a fee dispute with an outfit called Lake Research Partners in Los Angeles. I think they were doing a poll of some kind for her -- no word on what the disagreement's about.

A final, ironic note: Fritz has been spending thousands on printing with a company here in town named Witham & Dickey. Then when you look over on the contributor list for Fritz's opponent, incumbent Dan Saltzman, down toward the bottom there's William Dickey of Witham & Dickey giving old Big Pipe $250.

That "clean money" sure gets around.

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There's the nut of the problem. And there's this solution:

Ban broadcast political ads, the same way WE ban broadcast cigarette ads. The product is irremedially addictive, and a public health crisis.

Let them use Print, as in Freedom of the Press. Which is less than freedom of speech (which broadcast is not -- speech), by at least seven prohibitted words, but also, by what you and I can say on a park bench we cannot say on-air.

Legitimate TV news could legitimately cover political events, say a public speech, and air it. (That's not paid ads.) And they might even go back to doing that. They stopped when they figured Why give it away to politicians? when they could sell them that time. Well, for the good of the people, the common wealth, is why give it away.

Maybe only readers would vote, then. And be able to write the name of who they are voting for, instead of checking boxes on a pre-printed, pre-rigged menu of pre-homogenized candidates.

The idea of collecting taxes to underwrite TV and radio programming of people's political education is the ultimate propaganda paradigm.

Besides, publicly financed campaigns would need and use a lot less money if they could not, did not have to, buy broadcast time. And in print, they say more, the linearity of text sentences offers a truer depiction of a person's logical thinking and reasoning to a conclusion.

Let me put it this way, if Dubya or Mannix or Liars had to write their own thoughts and positions in policy papers, they and the entire fascist rightwing would be pumping gas for their living.

Any candidate whose staff eats at Foti's can't be all bad, as long as I don't have to stand in line too long for my gyro.

Lake Research Partners is pollster Celinda Lake.

Withan & Dickey is a local union printing company that many candidates, political groups, and the like use when they need something printed. They do great work and get things done quickly. I've used them many times, often for last-minute projects.

You'll probably see the company's name show up on a lot of expenditure reports.

It's not that ironic that she'd get printing from them, yet one of the owners would give money to her opponent. This probably happens quite often since so many candidates use Witham & Dickey as their printer.

The issue, as I understand it, is Lake Research Partners wanted to do negative push polling. Amanda didn't want to do that. Subsequently she's done no polling. I haven't heard the details but there's probably issues for payment for the initial contact.

There's only one union shop in the country that produces the recyclable lawn signs she wanted.

There's only one union shop in the country that produces the recyclable lawn signs she wanted.

Now that is cool.

I just hope nobody's drinking VOE sponsored Coors Beer! Does anybody make yard signs made out of birdseed?

Tenskey: what's wrong with pumping gas for a living? You're not turning elitist/capitalist on me? Trying to put a whole bunch of petroleum engineers out of work. Sheesh.

Does anyone know if Amanda Fritz has any relation to a Physician by the name of Steven Fritz?

Just curious.

Based on the advice of "experts", our campaign was planning on conducting a poll, budgeting $10,000. We began discussions with Lake Research Partners because the major Portland pollster is working for Saltzman. However, once Amanda read the draft, she was unwilling to go forward with the poll as written due to its negative tone and questions she considered offensive.

The dispute was over how much we should pay for poll development. It has since been settled and we paid Lake Research Partners $1,750, which will show on our next C&E report.

Frank is correct on the lack of union recyclable yard sign manufacturers. There is definitely an opening for an entrepreneurial NW company. Amanda is committed to buying in Portland, in union shops, whenever possible.

Mike, yes, my husband of nearly 24 years is Steven Fritz, a psychiatrist at Oregon State Hospital.

As bad as VOE is - not public financing in concept, just this Sten concoction - at least the form is online.
I've poked around the Multnomah County elections site to find contribution forms on the Wheeler vs. Linn race and can't find it anywhere. Just more quality public services from Multnomah County, where the web technology is brought to us from the year 1999 apparently?
This blog appears to be more geared toward city politics, so apologies is this is off topic. Hope its not. If anyone has a link, please post it somewhere. It's not at the Sten Kool-Aid site either (nice call there bojack).

During Amanda's campaign to rid our City of those horrific "snout houses" and spend a lot of tax dollars to accomplish it, I happened by her own home one day to find the longest snout on a house I've ever seen and a deck that was built in a manner that circumvented the code. I find that to be totally disingenuous.

"CLEAN MONEY" you mean"OUR MONEY" All I can say is if she gets elected prepare to pay a lot more! Remember she's one of the people that changed the S.W. Portland's Comprehensive plan (from R-10 (10,000sq ft twice the normal lot size) to R-20 20,000sq ft,four times the average lot size for the city) thus shutting down any infill (remember infill, what we are supposed to be doing inside the UGB,someone should see how she feels now that we are closing our schools in S.W. Portland because of funding and declining enrolment! Do you think her decision has affected sprawl also. Her actions are proof that she values "fish befor families"

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