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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The road to a diploma

If you've been laboring over your NCAA men's basketball tournament brackets, you might get a kick out of this version -- it plays through the whole tournament, with the school with the higher player graduation rate winning each game.

The academic Final Four: UNC-Wilmington, Bucknell, Illinois, and Villanova. In the final game, Bucknell beats Villanova.

The responsible parties for this new level of March madness are the folks at Inside Higher Ed. (We read about it first on TaxProf Blog.)

Comments (4)

Looks like Gonzaga could use some help.

How about a CIM/CAM bracket?

Couldn't that mean that those particular schools have more in the way of "alternative" classes for these guys? Y'know, more variations on basketweaving, origami, coloring books and patty-cake?

Yes it does godfry!

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