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Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring break!

The sun is shining and we've got a week off from the classroom show. Ahhhh. If you're in the same boat, have a great one.

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Jack glad to see that the "University of Monica" treats its employees so well

One of the greatest joys in life is Spring Break in the middle of a wicked college class schedule.

Too bad some folks just ain't college material, so they never got a chance to enjoy it.


Have a good one, Jack.

"Too bad some folks just ain't college material, so they never got a chance to enjoy it."

With heartfelt empathy from the University of Elitism's finest.


Spring????? Gimme a break.

Like a good eastsider, I rode my bike downtown to hear the Great (okay, not even Good) Boyles-Burdick-Lister-Sten Debate. When I came out it was raining hard.

Oh well, the sun did come back about halfway home. It's March, whaddya expect?

I worked full time every spring break I was in college (gee, and every one since), so forgive me, Daphne, for not being part of the entitled crowd. WTF, indeed.

What is this "spring break" you speak of?

Sorry, but every time I see that Dave Lister ad, I think of 'Red Dwarf'...

Lars, Glad to see you are the same pertinax compleo you have always been.

You boys can sure dish it out ("University of Monica"), but sure can't take a joke.

See you at the beach, boys, time for some W-style vacation time.

But I have to take some work with me, unlike our unpopular President who forgot to read that little "Osama Gonna Kill US All Soon" PDB from August, 2001.

Remember? 3,000 American families do, including mine.

Daphne---Sorry, just a bit touchy cuz I've always envyed the spring break crowd. The UO campus was mostly (and, I'm assuming, still is) made up of so cal, well-off folks who regailed (sic?) me with fantastic vacation stories. I'm just jealous and bitter.

Nice to see that L&C coordinates their break with PPS. Here at Reed, we get our break a week early, so we watch everyone head out of town while us with families are stuck in the city.

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