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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Make room in the memorabilia box

They ought to put this morning's Oregonian in a time capsule and bury it under Naito Parkway. It sums up a lot about what's going on in the Rose City these days.

There on the front page we have massive public school closures and realignments, including the proposed elimination of middle school in Portland, all due to money woes. On the same page, we have Paul Allen still asking the city for money for the Trail Blazers (Grampy's sending him over to the PDC -- that guy has quite the sense of humor). And right next to that, the O has also decided that it's front page "news" that the massive cost overruns on the aerial tram (a.k.a. the Kohler-Coaster) [double rim shot] really aren't anyone's fault, at least not anybody they'd care to name.

Then you turn inside to the business section and the Convention Center Hotel birds are back. We need 600 hotel rooms near the White Elephant, paid for by the taxpayers, so that we can attract 15 more conventions a year to town. (Hmmm, that's around 60 nights -- I guess the other 300 nights, the new facility can just kill off all the other hotels in town by saturating the market. But hey, it's another gig for Hoffman Construction and Hank Ashforth, what could be bad about that?)

Anyway, if the grandkids want to know what was going on in Portland way back in ought-six, that edition is a keeper.

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And if that isn't enough. Here's an article from today's L.A. Times about the jail that has never been used.


Maybe they can house conventioneers in the jail, and give them an aerial tram ride to the Convention Center.

Sadie - Brutal. Brutal article. But, on a positive note, this may keep some Californians from moving here. Maybe it's part of the master plan.....

The lead editorial about the warring county commissioners also refelcts these times.

Cynthia is right, I don't know how many folks I have run into like the County CFO that were hired by Don Clark or worked for Multnomah County under his influence serving in various capacitY in local governemnt, and they have all seemed to epitomize the ideal of integrity and public service. Something that is lost in the Goldschmit Generation, and have been forced out because they refused to compromise that integrity.

It's like Groundhog Day.
This method of corruption has been repeated all over the country. An expatriate, I saw this in San Diego and it has brought the city to near bankruptcy.
The pitch that just a little more development will bail us out of poor decision making never pans out.
So sad. Vote them out!

Is there ANY good news lately? It's not just those local issues wearing us down, it's the weight of what's happening in D.C. and the state of our union. Everything feels broken. And that's not just seasonal affective disorder talking. No wonder people don't pay attention to the news... only masochists can stomach the reality of our times.

Bullsh*t wars, budget cuts for essential services, legislation drawn up by special interests, and lawbreaking at the highest levels of government that goes unpunished. The business-as-usual attitude carried by many folks while this happens can drive an attentive person crazy.

I guess pray for good news...

That's a "Bushit" war, TK.

And you forgot the cronyism, feathernesting, pork-barrelling, and bilking the taxpayer to enrich your friends and family.

Yeah, I know... Watching the news is a trial. Reading the news is a trial. At least in a blog, I get a chance to react.

You know, today is the day that Council is meeting in closed session to haggle over the tram. I sent my opinion in to the Commissioners; I hope others did as well.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!

"Anyway, if the grandkids want to know what was going on in Portland way back in ought-six, that edition is a keeper."

I see your point, but with the direction we're taking this society, the grandkids won't be able to read.

Lessee, PKF Consulting hires out to consult for hoteliers. PDC hires PKF to write a report. Usual consulting contract with government agency has a clause that says, if we don't like your conclusions we don't have to pay for it (this is paraphrased, but true.)

This is way off the scale for failing the smell test. I mean how stupid do these government people think we are? Oh, I forgot we elected them.

Sadie: thanks for the link to the LA Times article. The first three paragraphs trumped all of the Oregonian's coverage to date.

I'm glad they opened with a nod to the beautiful public art and feng shui. That rocks!

We ought to require all our elected officials to sleep at Wapato until it's fully funded.

Did I mention that Wapato has FLAT SCREEN T.V.'s?

I bet those sure cost a bundle three years ago!

What if the warranties expire before the bad guys get to watch Oprah?

This whole flim-flam progressive facade is wearing thin. I predict Dianne Linn is going down in flames (30% or less), and even Erik Sten could be vulnerable if he coughs up another $4 million for the Kohler-Coaster.

Love the "Kohler-Coaster" comment.

Jack, you should trademark that.

It's not mine. Some wag up at OHSU dreamed it up -- and I'm sure he or she will not be stepping forward to take credit for it!

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