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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Don't miss it

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The line starts behind me.

Chris is really pimping this movie. He's more obsessed than a Star Wars fans.

I truly expect to see him waiting in line outside the theater, two days before the movie is set open, dressed in a large snake costume.

They'll call me the King Cobra, baby.

Is that Opie in a costume?

I'm actually kind of depressed that everyone knows about this now. It was more amusing many months ago when it was still something of an exclusive club. Heh.

We also now know the answer to the question, "Is there any role that Samuel L. Jackson would not take?"

Someone in the comments section always manages to take a post on humorous pop culture and twist it back to some common theme here, like a city council member.

Jenny- You managed to do this, but you forgot about the humorous part.

Reportedly, he only took it because of the title. And when they tried to change the title to "Flight 112" or some such nonsense, he protested, and convinced them to leave it.

OMG, you are *so* behind! I have run through the range of emotions for Snakes on a Plane: confusion, elation, obsession and, ultimately, boredom. I expect to cycle through this at least 3 more times before August, though.

108 photos, 4 videos, 5 journal entries about this phenomenom over at Buzznet.


i tells you we get no respect. :)

Prediction: everyone will run the emotional gamut Sarah suggested and become completely bored with the concept by the time the film is released in August.

Anaconda will thus retain the title of "Greatest Unintentionally Hilarious Thriller Involving Snakes Staring a Former A-List Hollywood Actor That Should Know Better."

Samuel L. Jackson has the most $$$ in lifetime box office receipts for movies he's starred in. I can't question his choices. He knows what people want. And people want snakes on a plane.

On second thought, I take it back. The people want snakes and they shall have them. This thing could open to Spiderman-level box office returns.

In an interview with Terri Gross, Jackson said this was the kind of movie he loved to see when he was a kid and that's why he did it.

I;m sure it will make Shawn Levy's High 5.

I must have been mistaken. It is Opie without his costume.

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