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Friday, March 3, 2006

Does Amanda ever wear a mood ring?

And people accuse me of being superficial? Check this out. My spies send along this gem -- a questionnaire that The Oregonian has apparently e-mailed to the candidates for Portland City Council and the Multnomah County Commission (at least, several of the challengers):

Dear Candidates:

Please accept our apologies for this mass mailing, but it's the easiest way to get this to everyone at once. Below you'll find a quick questionnaire we're asking everyone running for county and city offices to fill out. We'll be following up with phone calls to make sure that you received this but, barring some sort of technical problem, please try to get it back to us by March 9.

We look forward to speaking with each of you individually as the campaigns progress. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.

Thanks for your time.

- Anna Griffin and Ryan Frank

The questions:
1. What's your full name?
2. Give us some quick details on your family: Spouse's name and occupation, kids' names and ages.
3. Give us some quick details on your political and employment background.
4. How much did you pay in property taxes last year?
5. Pick three adjectives that describe you.
6. What's your favorite website?
7. Favorite movie?
8. Have you seen, "Brokeback Mountain?"
9. What's in your pocket right now?
10. List the cars your family owns.
11. If you have kids, did they/do they attend public schools?
12. What magazines do you subscribe to?
13. What's your dream job?
14. "Lost" or "Dancing with the Stars?"
15. Coffee or tea?
16. Beer or wine?
17. Do you, or have you ever, smoked?
18. Ducks or Beavers?
19. When was the last time you attended a Blazers game?
20. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?
21. What's your car radio tuned to right now?
22. Do you wear a watch?
23. When was the last time you attended church/synagogue?
24. Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush?
25. What did you eat yesterday?
26. Do you know your cholesterol level?
27. Introvert or extrovert?
28. Cindy, Jan or Marcia?
29. Mac or PC?
30. Good cop or bad cop?
31. Beethoven, Barry Manilow or Brittany Spears?
32. Have you ever been inside your next-door-neighbor's house?
33. Do you have any tattoos? What and where?
34. Did you pledge a fraternity or sorority in college?
35. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
36. Do you have a second home?
37. Do you screen your calls?
38. What's your screen saver?
39. What time do you wake up? What time do you go to bed?
40. Does your cellphone take pictures?
41. Have you ever fired a gun?

Comments (28)

I might narrow down my personal pool based solely on #29.

This is the journalistic equivalent of mailing in the news.

Why not interview them all in the Oregonian office's, with rotating 30 minute time slots?

How about #8b:

Have you ever watched Gay Porn?

If we're going to use cinematic tastes to determine "tolerance", why not go all the way?

The whole, if it's gay, it has to be good (funny, edgy, hip, legalized, etc) is really starting to wear thin. It's like Isaac Mizrahi fondling a starlet on TV: not cool if your straight, not cool if your gay.

While a few of the Oregonian’s questions are good, most simply ignore Portland’s real issues. I suggest that we compile a list of questions that the Oregonian SHOULD HAVE asked and that the candidates answer our list instead.

Here is a start:

1. Do you support the current transit mall plan.
2. DO you support the tram.
3. Do you support allowing around $1/4 Billion in new construction, in the North Macadam urban renewal area, that will NOT contribute property taxes to the general fund for over 30 years.
4. Do you support a city or Metro owned, or tax breaks for a, convention center hotel.
5. Do you support taxpayer supported low income housing on some of the most expensive land in Portland when unsubsidized housing is available just a short MAX ride away in low rent parts of town.
6. Do you support more high density housing in Portland neighborhoods.
7. Do you support more high density housing along most of Portland’s major streets.
8. DO you support giving tax breaks to high density housing built along main streets?
9. DO you support New York style density near light rail stations?
10. Do you support building more light rail, even if it’s cost forces a reduction in overall transit service and it increases traffic congestion?
11. Do you support mass transit that uses more energy than new, private cars?
12. Do you support a mass transit system that delivers rides at about the same cost as a Portland taxi?
13. Do you support a mass transit system that has a death rate three times that of buses?
14. Would you support a program to help low income people own a car to increase their job choices and increase their income?
15. Since Portland recently had the nation’s worst increase in traffic congestion, do you think that we should do something differently than in the past?
16. Should city agencies, including PDC, be allowed to sell property at less than its real value?
17. Should city agencies, including PDC, be allowed to buy property then resell it to a developer for less than they (the city agency) paid for it?
18. Should the city install untested devices of unknown safety on Portland’s streets?
19. Should the city install devices that slow fire trucks and ambulances on Portland’s streets ?
20. Do you support reducing the number of parking spaces in Portland?
21. Do you support increasing the capacity of local roads to reduce traffic congestion?
22. Do you support charging a toll to use some of Portland’s roads?
23. Do you support finding ways to make millionaires living in tax exempt properties pay their fair share of city services?
24. Do you support reduced lane widths on major Portland streets?
25. Do you support narrowing Portland streets?
26. Do you support putting high density housing, right up to the sidewalk, along 35 mph streets like Lombard.
27. Should Portland use taxpayer money (including forgiven or diverted taxes) to attract major sports teams?
28. Do you think that Portland’s taxpayers should pay for candidate’s election campaigns?
29. Should each mode of road user (bus, bike, cars, trucks) pay their actual share of actual costs?
30. Should Portland plan for how people want to live or for how planners think people should live?
31. Should Portland use statistically valid methods to determine what Portlanders want?

Let the deluge of ideas (or arrows) begin!

Beethoven, Barry Manilow, or Britney Spears? Well, that about covers the music appreciation part. Seriously, I don’t let things like this get to me, but that gave me a sharp stabbing pain of depression deep in my soul. Our democracy has been reduced to a questionnaire by 17 magazine? Then how can we even hold this election without finding out a candidate’s position on the Paris Hilton-Nicole Ritchie feud? Time to go with my favorite fallback and assume this is a hoax. Please, tell me this was fake - I’m begging you. Oh, by the way, they misspelled Britney Spears. How out of it do you have to be to misspell Britney?

I'm nostalgic for the time when "Briefs or Boxers?" was enough (and the answer might have been "Depends").

This is sickening.
What a pathetic sign of the times.

It's almost like a junior high school newspaper staff put it together.

No offense to JHS students.

Wait... no "Who's your favorite blogger?"

They also left off, Do you have a sense of humor?

"Do you find gay people as tiresome as we do, with their non-stop singing and dancing?"

How about #24: Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush? Sure, what other choices could there be?
This is why more and more people are going with answer B.) I get my news off the Internet.

Sad but true it’s not a hoax.. Reading these questions, it’s the same as that I received as a candidate for Portland City Commissioner from the Oregonian.

On crowded house part of the blog, I comment on yesterday pictures. ;-)

I testify at City Council against “public financing, clean money” for several reasons. Such as the entire “election style” of Portland is broken and throwing money at it isn’t right. Money alone won’t fix it, here’s a half a dozen ways we can make helpful changes to our candidate evaluation process. The list went from endorsement grading, setting up a series of annual events, several city wide events that invite all candidates and are not … “in 3 minutes or less”……. It’s a fact that candidates can’t buy radio time in Portland Oregon. I didn’t just point out the challenges. I gave general and focused answers, as a starting point to develop a better working, and regulated election process. It all fell on deaf ears.
The only game in town is the “Public Financing“ game. I decided to look at it in practical way. There are tax breaks, I may not agree with, but I might need to take, to keep a level playing field. I must be realistic and work in the world I live in. Unfortunately with the hot issue of “Public Financing” has given me even greater challenges. Many strong long time allies won’t help me gather signatures. The “business associations” and other groups are pointing out where else either taxes need to go.
All the more reason to continue expanding my base. I need signatures now, anyone interested in a “Basics First” candidate?

Do you think I should answer the Oregonian questionnaire?

Sharon Nasset

Is this another "Jack joke"? The Oregonian can't be real. Jim Karlock is going down the right path no matter what side of the political field you're on. I just figured it out, the O's questionaire is for their great "OHHHHHH" section in the sunday paper..real indepth articles.

You all must be incredibly fun at parties.

My first impression was that this is a joke. Let's just hope that they accidentally sent out their April fools prank a month early.

I don't understand how #5-41 are relevant to anything so my best guess is, if this is legit, then it's for some profile in the living section.

1. Withheld for now
2. Married, spoiled indulged daughter, dog, cat
3. Retired comfortably from the timber industry
4. $5112
5. Energetic, Controlling, Semi-compassionate
6. Jack Bog Blog (I'm a bootlicker too)
7. Saturday Night Fever (last one I saw)
8. Hell no
9. My granddaughter's binky
10. Buick SUV, Infiniti G35 (yes, the coupe)
11. Yes. Centennial District
12. Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest
13. Mayor of Portland
14. Neither
15. Coffee
16. Beer
17. Yes...many years ago
18. B E A V E R S
19. Twice in February
20. Yes...why do you think I'm retired?
21. 750
22. Yes
23. Last Sunday
24. Reagan
25. Bacon and Eggs, Cheeseburger, Lasagne
26. Yes
27. Extrovert
28. Jan
29. PC
30. Good Cop
31. None of the above. Tim McGraw
32. Yes
33. No. Not now, not ever.
34. Yes
35. 23
36. Yes....gotta escape to the sun now and then
37. Yes, of course!
38. Mt St Helens Erupting
39. 6:00am 11:30pm SHARP!!!!
40. Yeah, if I could figure the thing out
41. Yes, but only for food

OKAY! What do you think? Should I relocate to Portland and wait for the "Draft Charlie" tidal wave to sweep me into office?

I think the underlying message here, which is also consistent with the current city leadership's message, is for us voters and taxpayers not to concern ourselves with the more complicated issues.

We also see this sentiment from the agencies and defenders of their work.

No matter how malignant their product is.


I don't know if Amanda wears a mood ring, but she sure drives a honkin' big SUV with the Oregon vanity plate "4PLAYA".

Somehow doesn't fit with her green image, but then again, as I've learned while being a board member on the West Portland Park Neighborhood Association with Saint Amanda, most of Saint Amanda is totally phoney....

The Oregonian e mail survey candidates looks like the Boig Zero is ging to be as critical and insightful in its coverage of the city council race as Willie Week was in its puff piece on Saint Amanda back in Deceber, '05.


Nice list, Jim.

However, just scanning it, #28 stood out as either needing reworking or another question to go with it.

28. Do you think that Portland’s taxpayers should pay for candidate’s election campaigns, or would you prefer that Portland's bigwigs should continue to buy their shills into office?

That'd be a nice false dichotomy to throw at every candidate.

"That'd be a nice false dichotomy to throw at every candidate."

Other than that, with a few notable exceptions, it's not false.

This is simply an attempt at a BusProject type "candidates gone wild" survey. Get to know you. Let your hair down. Who are you? What do you like?

Good grief. If this is the end all of their coverage, then the criticism is warranted. But let's lighten up a bit, ok?

That's not the end of their coverage. There will be a thoughtful diagram of where each candidate wants us to think they stand on "the issues" and a photo/fluff story or two on the top three candidates in each race.

Then, they'll tell us (on the editorial page) who they want to win and (about a week later) who won.

In my opinion, the list IS the high point of their coverage. If they covered local politics as well as they cover the Trailblazers, they might even be able to influence the outcome.

Good grief. This reads like a LiveJournal meme.

""""""""In my opinion, the list IS the high point of their coverage"""""

nice shot Alice

1. Eric Arthur Berg
2. Name withheld. CPA.
3. Can't be done "quick". I've never been anything like a Yuppie or creative class-type, though.
4. Don't know off the top of my head. $2500?
5. Smart. Underachieving. Rooted.
6. www.soccercityusa.com message board.
7. Life of Brian.
8. Yep.
9. No pockets. Just wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt.
10. 2000 Toyota Tacoma (Union Made in the USA). 2005 Subaru Forester.
11. No kids.
12. National Geographic. Sojourners. The Nation.
13. Today: freelance writer. Yesterday: state legislator. Day before yesterday: CO of a Coast Guard cutter. Day before that: farmer. Day before that: historian. Day before that: bread baker. Day before that: diplomat . Day before that: finish carpenter. Day before that: forester. Day before that: sports writer. Day before that: rancher. Day before that: cartographer. Day before that: theologian. Tommorrow: who the hell knows.
14. Haven't seen either.
15. Coffee.
16. Beer.
17. Nope.
18. Neither. Viking.
19. The Sunday before Christmas, 2003. San Antonio. The tickets were free.
20. Once. May 24, 1985. My 18th birthday. Just cause I could.
21. Most likely KOPB, KPOJ or The Fan.
22. Sometimes.
23. Today.
24. Neither.
25. Full huevos rancheros meal (with potatos, etc.) with coffee in a French sounding restaurant in Port Townsend, Washington (breakfast). Shortbread Girl Scout cookies with Diet Pepsi on the Kingston ferry (snack). Sloppy Joes with salad and two bottles of Red Hook ale a friend's in Seattle (dinner).
26. Nope.
27. One part extrovet. Three parts introvert.
28. That's just wrong.
29. Mac.
30. I'd rather be the good cop.
31. Beethoven.
32. Yep. On both sides. And in the last week. One today.
33. Nope.
34. Nope.
35. 10?
36. Nope.
37. Yep.
38. Family pictures.
39. Varies. Varies./Usually after midnight. Usually after 7 a.m.
40. Yep.
41. Yep. But never in Reno just to watch a man die.

Maybe they are setting up a MySpace account for each of the candidates??

Actually, at least one of them already has one:


When you are not part of the Solution, you're the Problem. (MLK)

The City Club of Portland is having "their" Portland City Commissioner Debate
this Friday.

City Club of Portland
Governors Hotel
614 SW 11th
Doors open at 11:30
March 10, 2006 or should it say 1906

The doors are the "only thing" open at this event! The City Club of
Portland did not invite most of the candidates for Portland City
Commissioner position #3. They "picked" the incumbent and one other
candidate because she qualified for public funding, but the dead line to
quality isn't even here yet. Why didn't they invite candidate Bruce
Broussard? How about those who have actually done something in the
community like Lucinda Tate or Sharon Nasset? They didn't even follow their
own bylaws which state that a candidate must have a 10% media poll.

Lacking tolerance is not progressive. Closed and narrow minds must be their
new slogan.

Do members of the City Club of Portland that think this is okay? Do City
Club of Portland member have to hand in their vote by mail ballots so
"Clubbies" can pick for them?

It is the economy, there are ways to fix it, are they afraid of hearing the
Sharon Nasset

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