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Friday, February 17, 2006

Ginny take a ride

Guess who's been double dipping on her mileage reimbursements.

Kind of makes you wish you could see someone's tax returns.

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I guess The Oregonian is launching their "Keep Sten At All Costs" campaign. For all it's patting itself on the back on being such a liberal city, it certainly is enamored with the status quo.

Am I convinced that Burdick is the best choice? No.

But Sten has got to go.

It's true. Printing legitmate stories about Burdick that are unfavorable equates to pimping for Sten. If the Oregonian didn't want Sten to win, they would never write anything negative about Burdick, because clearly they never write anything negative about Sten, ever.

I find it hilarious that people here somehow think the "O" wants to keep Sten around. Look at how they went after him for pursuing PGE. Since I work in the energy industry, I know his endeavor was worth pursuing, but the "O" presented him in a negative light whenever possible. The pro-biz Oregonian wants to keep Sten around??? Oh man, my sides hurt.

((the ironic thing was that all businesses in Portland should have been fighting alongside Sten for a PUD system... lower rates would certainly be a boon for biz))

Also... why are we assuming the "O" is supporting Sten just because they reported news? If Ginny did something of note, shouldn't they report it regardless of their editorial board's leanings? Do we expect them to withhold the info?

TK: That dude above me is crazy. I was just being sarcastic. Sorry!

No... i got that ;)

"But Sten has got to go."

That campaign wont get Sten out of office. Look at how successful the Dems were on the "Bush has got to go" campaign. If you want Sten gone, someone needs to run with some substantive ideas, and without a vendetta against Sten. Otherwise it's another 4 years.

It's good to hear Sten lauded for his pursuit of public ownership of PGE. I never could figure out why there was any popular opposition to the idea. The PGE executives ran an effective propaganda campaign, I guess.

Did anyone actually read the article. Karen Minnis double dipped while heading the committee on finance reform which ultimately proposed anti-double dipping legislation which was defeated. All reps who voted to defeat the proposal are protecting their own excess mileage reimbursements. Expose those opportunistic greed mongers so the electorate might make a well informed decision when they come up for re-election.
After processing the entire article, it becomes clear that the report indicts numerous legislators, several by name. I see no evidence of conspiracy to influence City Council elections.

They get paid something like $17k a year, correct? Is anybody surprised they need to pad their expense accounts? I would need to put my whole family on the payroll to make ends meet.

Mexican Federales are earning higher incomes today, and they still have to take bribes to make ends meet. It's a system designed to induce corruption.

Too bad you skipped out on tagging Minnis.

Minnis wrote legislation to end double dipping--so its quite clear she doesn't agree with the practice. But she's the 2nd largest double dipper in the legislature, just scrambling in behind Burdick.

Burdick is a double dipper. Minnis is a hypocritical gasbag double dipper.

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