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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Father knows best

The New York Times' Metropolitan Diary column is one of my favorites. Formerly a Sunday feature, it now runs on Mondays. Actual letters from actual readers. Here's a nice one from yesterday:

Dear Diary:

While walking to work, I overheard the following conversation between a 6-year-old and his father just after they had gotten out of a cab at the Cathedral School.

Father: "If someone gives you the wrong change you should always let them know, even if they give you back too much money." Several seconds pass and the father adds, "You should never profit or take advantage of someone else's mistake." There is a much longer pause and the father continues, "Except in business."

Andrew Leifer

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If you like that, you should check out
Overheard in New York.com

"Honey, do as I say, not as I do. Remember that on Bring Your Kid To Work Day, okay?"

He was probably just a cockroach on Wall Street anyways.

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