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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Doogie says, no snow

One of the great blogs that have cropped up in these parts over the past year -- and there have been quite a few -- is that of Mark Nelsen, the ever-youthful weatherman at KPTV in Portland. On the blog, he gets to stretch out beyond where he can go on the air. He can 'fess up to the details of how he makes his various predictions, and where they're currently going.

As of last night (Wednesday), he's saying we'll likely get no snow out of the current cold snap. More important to me, the episode is not likely to end with a freezing rain event. "If you look back at Portland's freezing rain history," he writes, "it's VERY rare this late in the season. It CAN happen, but probably not in this setup."

Our daphne bushes thank you, Mark.

Comments (4)

Hmmm.... Winter Daphne bushes.

I had one in front of my last house... when it bloomed in Jan-Feb, I could smell it 20 yards away. It hit you like a Mac truck, and was one of the sweetest smells you could imagine. Don't know what it was about that one particular bush, but...

It IS a cool blog, but it is also kind of...scary to see how, um, INTO IT some of his commenters get. Woah. It's like another language: "AT KPDX THE 0Z12 MODEL SHOWS 850MB THROUGH 0800 WITH SOUTHEASTERLY FLOW OUT OF THE TROUGH.

Me: Wha? Is it going to snow, or not?


That's why I try to get the stool down on the southeast corner of the bar.

Yeah, I've been reading aviation-coded forecasts for 30 years but much of the stuff on the blog is greek to me.

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