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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bar's closed

Congratulations to all those who survived this week's state bar exams around the country. Here in Oregon, they even asked a two-part question on federal income tax law!

Now the waiting for results begins, but let's hope all the test takers give themselves at least a short time to bask in the glow of having gotten it done.

(Note: The time stamp on a comment for this entry was changed in a server migration.)

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I felt a disturbance in the force.


(sorry, is that nice or not?)

A 5:43 post, Jack? That's not leaving you much time to get to Mr. Erik Sten's campaign kick-off party at 6. Oh well, good luck, and best wishes to all who participate in our legal system, and run for office, too! Service like this should be honored and appreciated much more!

I was posting wi-fi from the router that he's had implanted in his forehead.

Jack, You've been doing so well. Don't blow "Nice Week" over Opie.
Ruben Patterson's gone. That's nice.

"Opie"? Who's "Opie"?

Here's an off-topic "amen" to Bill McDonald's Patterson trade observation.

That trade may be the nicest event to occur during Nice Week.

Paul Allen saying he's going to sell or move the Blazers? Maybe not so nice.

No one said Paul Allen was nice.

Come back Sunday and we can talk.

That sounds like going on vacation but thinking of work.

Add a week.

Personally, I wish the Board of Bar examiners had dediced to observe Bojack's "Nice Week" - that exam was brutal, but the fact that it's over is nice.

Ah, but it's nice that Mr. Allen is offering the community a chance to participate in the Trail Blazers and share in their glorious history.

C'mon now - be nice. The guy's only had eighteen plus years to make it a better team. Give him a break!

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