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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ten I admire

Here now are my Top 10 Favorite Public Figures of 2005.

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Glad to see Nate McMillan made the list.

I like your number one pick. But reading the material brings tears to my eyes. The vast chasm between the ideal and the reality of the present, and the near impossibility of achieving the former, given certain economic beliefs and customs, make the vision seem almost ludicrous or insane.

The backpacker ethic of leaving campsites no worse off than when they arrive seems like a nice concept to apply to our daily lives. But not everyone will be on the same page today or tomorrow, ever. It is merely aspirational.

It is not an aspiration that can exist so long as incorporated artificial entities are given equal or greater economic liberty to that of an individual, so as to smother all non-economic individual aspirations.

It would be nice to live life as a hermit artist with only occasional voluntary forays into the public space. Call me a grumpy hippie.

Glad to see a cat lady in the ranks.

I was sure that The Boss would make the list, Jack--especially given your fond memories of attending his shows when you were younger. Of course, perhaps you're just like me, and Bruce is on your top ten list of all time favorite people.

After all the baseball talk in the previous post, I was sure Ozzie Guillen would have popped up in that list.

Great back flips.

I think that was Ozzie Smith.

Oh. Yeah.

Ozzie G was manager of the World Champion Chisox and a big motormouth, too. Seems like a natural for one of your heroes, unless you don't like Chicago.

Nah. Once he bit the head off a live chicken in concert, I was through with the guy.

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