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Friday, January 27, 2006


The New Jersey Nets are in Portland to play the Blazers tonight, and that means that Fred Kerber, ace sports writer for The New York Post, is here with them. Fred and I were buddies in high school and college back in Jersey City, where we worked on the school newspapers together. I hadn't seen him in more than 30 years, but I tracked him down and we had dinner together downtown last night.

Kerber's special. Through all our youthful craziness fueled by beer, testosterone, and the wild attitudes of the late '60s, he was always the sweetest guy in the school.

And he still is. But he's even better as a grownup.

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Speaking of the JailBlazers...


MARIN, Calif. (AP) - Troubled former NBA player Isaiah Rider was arrested by Marin County sheriff's deputies Thursday on charges of kidnapping a female acquaintance, authorities said.

Rider, 34, was being held on $2 million bail at Marin County Jail on charges of kidnapping and battery, said Sgt. Bruce Baker of the Marin County Sheriff's office. Rider, who also faces an outstanding warrant for resisting arrest in Alameda County, was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.

Where'd ya take him?

It was very late, and at his request we went to the Newport Bay thing down on the pier at RiverPlace. It wasn't spectacular, but it was convenient, the food was decent, the help was excellent, and I was overdue for some fish anyway. And besides, I was having such a blast I didn't care what I was eating.

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