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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is Vicki out?

An ominous e-mail message has arrived from State Sen. Vicki Walker of Eugene, who's been pretty-much-running against Gov. Ted Kulongoski and the Goldschmidt Old Boy Network in the upcoming gubernatorial primary. She writes:

After five months of exploring a candidacy for governor, I will make an announcement at noon tomorrow, Wednesday, February 1st, at the State Capitol in Hearing Room 50.

As of today, I still have a speech with three different endings. The first says I will run for Governor and challenge Gov. Ted Kulongoski in the May primary because I believe Oregon needs strong leadership. The second is that I will run for reelection to the State Senate to help my colleagues build on a better future for Oregon. And the third option is that I will not run for either office, that I will instead return to spending more time with my family and my small business.

I have a few more phone appointments today in order to make my final decision. Whatever the outcome, I appreciate the continued support Iíve received from all of you. You have been there from the beginning, and I will not forget that. We will send a newsletter out tomorrow letting you know of the outcome before you read it in the newspaper on Thursday morning.

It sure looks like we'll be getting option no. 2. It wouldn't be like Walker to be so downbeat if she were still leaning toward staying in the race. And she's too much of a tell-it-like-it-is person to be pulling the old "time with the family" line.

As mentioned here before, she was royally shafted by John Kitzhaber, who pulled a phony diva act and stalled her fundraising at least a bit. I'm sure he'll be rewarded if Ted gets re-elected -- probably with the OHSU president's job.

If I'm right and Vicki's out of the governor's race, it's really too bad. Without her, the three front runners are Ted and the Usual Crooks, Ron Saxton-Goldschmidt, and Grouchy Old Mannix. Heaven help us. Ted Sorenson and Jason Atkinson show some faint signs of life, but I doubt either one can make it to the general election.

Without Vicki, it will be hard to muster much enthusiasm for the race, or much hope for our dysfunctional state government. Anybody care to join me in a "Draft Potter" movement?

Comments (19)

Draft Potter? That's a great way to get a Republican elected! Actually, I would be really interesting to see an Atkinson vs. Potter race. Gramps against the kid. Now that could be entertaining!

What's even more scary is the Kitzhaber at OHSU comment. Nooooooooooo...the place is enough of a mess already. Kitzhaber is a true socialist when it comes to healthcare, and he is the last guy that OHSU needs running the place.

I love the current guy in the paper today, talking about how broke the health care system is. No mention of his $600K-plus salary, plus free use of a mansion. The tram salesman and power company executive.

Uh, wasn't Ted Sorenson part of the Kennedy Camelot era? I think you mean Pete, but your understandable mistake highlights Pete's problem/challenge. Vicki Walker would have shook up the Governor's race, but she had no chance to beat Ted either. So as a liberal who hopes the Ds will hang onto the state Senate (and win back the House), I hope you're right about Walker choosing door no. 2. I also hope you're wrong about the cynical political patronage between K & K...(but keep up your air-tram crusade, Jack, it makes for good reading!)

It would be a disappointment if Walker decides not to run.

If by some miracle she got past Kulongoski in the primary, I would have supported her. None of the Republican candidates have made much of impression on me.

I think you mean Pete

He he! A Freudian slip. A good nickname for him from here on out, though. Anybody got a good one for Jason -- something about the Argonauts, perhaps?

I love having Mannix in the race, simply because nothing is funnier than a, well, career politician, now running for state office for the fourth time in four elections, decrying "career politicians," and pitching himself as some kind of outsider/maverick. Good stuff.

Draft Potter??? What were YOU thinkin? Talk about dysfunctional government....Tom Boy is a bigger dys than Teddy. His "vision" is blind.

Dr Phil

I had thought she would make a good candidate for governor until seeing her email, with the three options attached. This is absurd. Thinking out loud, is not something I would expect from a serious candidate. Does the email mean she's actually undecided and wants someone to talk her into one of the options? I lost patience with Kitzhaber's dance around his bid for governor and now I'm thinking Walker is doing the same. Hell, I'll add my name to the list and say that I thought about it, and maybe I will and maybe I won't. Does any voter care about these indecisive moves? Are they supposed to make voters feel confident in the candidate? Doesn't work for me.

I'm not willing to count Atkinson out in the Republican primary. The hard-core right wing of the party is very much in love with him and very aware that Mannix has not (and probably cannot) win a statewide election.

And, yes Jack, I'm back, even if on a limited basis. I've been in hiding for awhile busy with big life changes that includes a change in jobs coming up very soon. Thanks for welcoming me back.

Actually, I'd join any SHAFT Potter move, the only draft I'd like to see him in is one that would take him far away out of this state.

I agree with Michael: Draft Potter and send him far, far away.

I think you're too quick to rule Atkinson out.

So Mikey (and Jay) is there anyone in office you DO like?

Let's face it. Candidates are able to be more appealing before they win elections. One should not expect ordinary, sensible people to "like" them after their job performance as gummit stewards. In a truly dysfunctional system, even the competent people don't "look good."

Any change for the better here will be predicated on removing collectivists from at least one side of the bargaining table. There is hope.

For example, the debate about self-serve gas illuminates the obvious false front of the worn-out Progressive-Labor compact. There are many other examples - such as the dead cat bounce of Gramps' $300 Million Tram [rimshot] Tax ... er, the $300 Million Public Employees' Health Care/PERS Tax ... er, the $300 Million Urban Renewal Developers' Subsidy Tax, ... er, whatever you want to call this 4-year, temporary $300 Million Monster.

It's time for Progressives to drop the Labor anchor and begin to move forward again. If for no other reason ... for the children.


Sorry, but how is the lack of self-serve gas holding us (or our children) back? To me (and many other Oregonians) it has provided soak-free re-fueling during one of the wettest months in the last 20 years, even while providing for a few starter incomes. Oh, and don't play the saw old saw about how it would lower our prices, because it doesn't wash. Every study I've seen defies that claim.

Keeping big oil from running every service station in our state IS a good progressive value, with benefits for all (except big oil).

Three quick jabs:

1) I'd be OK with drafting Potter. I like the guy. Or at least I feel like I know what's in his head...anyone who votes Bush "on character" should grok that concept.

2) I won't miss Walker...but Kitzy did screw her over.

3) Not pumping your own gas is sub-moronic. I feel like a MORON sitting in my car waiting for someone to do for me what I can do for myself.

Bull! You can pump your own gas, right over there on the other side of the Columbia.

State. Sen Ben Westlund has my vote if he runs for governor as an independent. The only major criticism I have of him is this: He doesn't have the cojones to leave the Republican Party and serve in the senate as an independent regardless if he makes a run for Mahonia Hall.

I dunno about Potter: he is kicking around the same old "streamline development" mantra we have been hearing for the last 25 years at least. Of course, I guess that means one thing if you are talking about developers who own property and another if its developers who own decision makers. I loved the bit in the recent O series on Land Use that cited as a crticism to development paying its' own way to the effect that developers should not have to "bail cities out". A question Laura O forgot to ask is "Is what we have within the UGB really planning? Or is it boosterism/babbitry that all but thumbs developer nose at the public interest that makes planning constitutional?

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